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Will AI replace CFOs? One CFO answers.

It’s strange how no sci-fi movies have been made on futuristic expense management systems! If you think it’s not excitin...

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Quickbooks Online Launch: Integration with Fyle

We keep saying we want to make your expense management process seamless and effortless and we mean it! Last year, in 201...

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5 Expense Management Trends to Look for in 2018

Every New Year brings with it an even newer set of opportunities and challenges to the business world. In 2018, this cha...

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5 Quickbooks Integrations Every Business Must Have

Quickbooks online (QBO) is amazing and let's face it despite the attempts of other players, 80% of market share still be...

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5 CFOs Convicted for Expense Frauds in 2018

Kaley Crossthwaite, Partner and Head of Fraud at BDO, says their research shows no specific pattern of fraud and that an...