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From traveling employees to finance teams, Fyle is designed to eliminate expense management woes for everyone.

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For seamless management of  expenses

With automated policy checks and custom approval hierarchies, your team members can focus on being productive instead of chasing employees for expense reports. 

Receipt management

Unlimited secure storage for receipts on any plan. Access your receipts from anywhere, anytime.

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Policy compliance

AI-powered policy checks capable of sniffing out complex violations automatically. 

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Approval automation

Automatic approval for expenses compliant with your expense policies with multi-level approvals.

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Digital audit trail

A comprehensive digital trial for all expenses and reports with detailed logs made on an expense.

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Credit card reconciliation

Reconcile corporate credit card statements with expenses and sync with your accounting software.

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Accounting integrations

Integrate with your preferred ERP or accounting software and never lose track of employee expenses.

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For simplified tracking and faster reporting

Take the pain and frustration out of expense tracking for traveling employees and process faster reimbursements. 

Automatic data extraction

An industry-first data extraction engine which collects expense data from your paper and e-receipts automatically.

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Unlimited scanning

You can perform unlimited automatic extractions on receipts using Fyle irrespective of which plan you're on.

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Email plugins

Report expenses right from your mail inbox. Whether you use Outlook or Gmail, we've got you covered.

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Mobile apps for reporting

Track and report expenses from your mobile without ever having to do manual expense entry.

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Mileage tracking

Track your work mileage at ease. Just enter the source and destination and you are set. 

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Click pictures of your receipts and extract data in bulk for all the expenses on your phone anytime you like.

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