ACH payments for faster reimbursements

Simplify payments to employees with ACH transfer. Enhance employee delight.

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Reduced employee
reimbursement cycle



Why are automated ACH payments beneficial?

Enhanced employee experience

Making your employees happy shouldn’t be this difficult. With ACH payments, automate your reimbursements.

Earn time

Reduce your ideal reimbursement cycle post approval from weeks to just 3-5 days. (We also support next day reimbursements. Talk to us to know more.)

Multiple transactions at once

We get it - reimbursing every expense report can be tedious. Therefore, with Fyle, a single click initiates multiple transactions from your company’s bank account to different employee accounts.

ACH direct deposit features


Multiple employees and multiple transactions


Move money from one bank account to multiple other bank accounts. This allows for reimbursing multiple employees at once.

ACH transaction status


A unified dashboard to always stay on top of where and how the money is moving.

Keep your employees happy. Switch to automated ACH payments for reimbursements.

Here’s what our customers have to say

We use Fyle to manage petty cash expenses of our branches - We have been able to gain real-time visibility into advances with Fyle, compared to a month long wait period earlier.

It’s a well-thought-of product that covers alternatives for me to submit my expenses. While using it for my current company, I thought of how it would have benefited me in my previous ones as well.

Very easy to use interface. We have different, international entities on one central platform. We track, monitor, and manage all expenses, even travel related, right within Fyle.

The UI is super intuitive, sorts out expenses within our organization. Also, any support requests I've submitted have been met with a sense of urgency and tackled in an extremely timely manner. Very impressed with this team!

There’s more to Fyle than just ACH payments.

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