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Eradicate expense fraud by digitising your advance request and approval process with Fyle

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Automate the old-age cash advance accounting


Policies on Advance requests

Configure policies based on employee level, department, advance amount, project, custom advance form fields, and more.


Customised approvals for Advances

Assign secondary approvers so when a policy is violated by an employee, every stakeholder is in the know.


Collect refunds

Easily collect refunds from employees when issued advance amount is not exhausted, right within Fyle.


Advances overview

Stay on top of everything that has to do with advances - raised requests, refunds, historic data - with a central system.


Cash advance assignment

Assign all issued cash advances to a trip or project to eliminate employee expense fraud around reimbursements or payouts.

See how petty cash advance management
with Fyle allievates your accounting woes


Advance requests on mobile

Employees can raise advance requests on-the-go, from Fyle’s mobile app.


Bulk management

Issue advances to multiple employees? Just bulk upload and automate pre-accounting for everyone.


Accounting friendly advances

Export the advances given to your employees. (Pro tip: Automate accounting for petty cash by integrating Fyle to your accounting software of choice.)

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