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Make claims easier for your volunteers and employees while keeping them
compliant with your policies.

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Automatic extraction of data


Automatic extractions from paper and e-receipts


Manage multiple projects and locations

Loved by leading finance teams across 20 countries

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Take charge of employee expenses

Why log into a portal? Complete all tasks from reporting expenses to approving reports and
trips from your mobile.

Faster reimbursements
Your volunteers are constantly working hard to solve problems, make sure getting reimbursements isn’t one of them.
Accountable expense reporting
With automatic extraction, capture accurate expense data while syncing with your accounting software.
Eliminate reporting fraud
Detect duplications, data inconsistencies and policy violations even before an expense is submitted.
Forecast fund requirements
Overshooting your budget on a regular basis? Find the top categories you spend on and provision better.
A mobile first solution
Create expenses and reports from your smartphone. Policy checks happen in real-time keeping employees compliant.
Digital audit trail
All expenses have a digital audit trail which contains all edits made ensuring you are always audit-ready.
Travel and finance roles
Share access with your travel manager or admin to manage travel booking and expenses.
Assisted verifications
Detect violations via our AI-powered engine to help you prioritise reports that need your immediate attention.
Reconcile with accounting
Sync your business expenses with the company accounts in any accounting software of your choice.

Trusted by finance teams, loved by employees

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Expense reporting
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Reduced expense report
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