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A bulk of receipts, and just a click to report them

So little time and so many receipts? Upload them all in one go and watch Fyle turn them all into expense claims.


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PDFs in your computer or a folder in your Dropbox

With more than 3 out of 5 business receipts now buried in your inbox, you couldn’t have wished for a better way to find and submit receipts.

PDF, PNG or JPEG - Upload any receipt

BulkFyle was built to handle upto 20 receipts at a time. Just upload, and watch it fill out the expense claim forms from receipts in one go.


Review, edit or submit in a single click

Once processed, BulkFyle lets you review all the fields that it automatically fills out, and flags any errors that might have occured. Submit your expenses with confidence.


Import receipts from your Dropbox

With Dropbox cloud picker, easily select and import files or folders from your Dropbox account within Fyle.


If receipt scanners had a Hulk, it would be this app

Have your receipts in a bunch? Put them on the desk one by one and keep clicking. BulkFyle will extract all data and queue it up for your review. Check, approve and submit. Magic, eh?

Send email receipts to your expense reports inside Gmail or Outlook

In a single click, watch your expenses go from your inbox to your expense report. From in-email receipt to attached PDFs, Fyle handles them all.


Receipt Scanner? Mileage Tracker? It’s both.

One top-rated app for scanning paper receipts and tracking your business mileage. Everything that goes into your expense reports, in one place.

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Make it easy for employees to track receipts and submit expense reports.

Receipts, card expenses or mileage, track everything with in one place. Take the frustration out of business expenses.

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