One-click expense reports in Quickbooks Online

Just connect your Quickbooks Online account with Fyle and enjoy effortless expense reporting with a digital audit trail.

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One-click integration

Integrate Fyle's expense reporting with Quickbooks online in a single-click. All you need to do is click on Connect and your expense reporting woes are over.


Sync categories and users

Import all your Quickbooks online expense categories and users into Fyle automatically. Once imported, Fyle lets you map categories and users for seamless expense reporting.

Effortless expense reports

Fyle's AI-powered data extraction helps employees create expenses without any data entry. Employees can assign expenses to a report and submit claims in a single-click.


One-click export

Fyle let's you export all submitted expense reports in a single-click to your Quickbooks Online account. All reports are exported along with the attached receipts and are synced with the appropriate Quickbooks Online categories and users.

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