Keep a tight check on
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volunteers spend

Ease expense tracking for your volunteers. Keep total
control of your budgets and spends. Stay compliant and
audit-ready. Make nonprofit accounting efficient again.

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Fyle’s Expense Management Software for Non-profits

Easy expense submissions

Collect all expense receipts on time, so there are no delays in closing your books. Allow volunteers to track their spend from within their daily apps like Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Slack, or even their phone gallery.

Track expenses from anywhere
Easy expense submissions
Project-based expense tracking with Fyle expense management software for non-profits

Project-based expense tracking

Allocate expenses to the relevant project, location, or cost center for more accurate expense tracking. Split an expense between multiple projects, restrict expense categories for specific tasks, export expenses by project, and more.

Know the true cost of each project

Automated credit card reconciliation

Track every corporate card spend against an expense automatically. No more manual matching of long expense reports against even longer credit card statements. Integrate live feeds with Fyle and get 360-degree visibility into card spend patterns, usage, and transactions.

Real-time visibility into card spends

Real-time card feeds

With the new Visa real-time feeds, your team can track receipts for card spend as it happens (Mastercard support coming soon). Fyle sends an SMS and Slack notification at the time of spend, and employees can reply with a picture of the receipt for automatic reconciliation.

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Spend limits

Specify how much a volunteer, a project, or a location can spend within a defined period. Get real-time insights into spend against the allocated budget. Also, you get notified when someone reaches a threshold limit in their allowance or has exceeded their limits.

Set easy-to-track budgets
Budgets with Fyle expense management software for non-profits
Continuous compliance with Fyle expense management software for non-profits

Continuous compliance

Build custom policies for each employee or project, or even location. Ensure that the policies adhere to right from the time of spend. Assign risk scores to every expense and flag suspicious expenses.

Stay compliant, always

Audit readiness

All data related to expenses, including receipts, card payments, approvals, and budgets, are readily available within Fyle in a digital audit trail. Alternately you can export any data you want to show your donors in an audit-ready fashion.

Always audit-ready with Fyle expense management software for non-profits
Detailed spend analytics with Fyle expense management software for non-profits

Detailed spend analytics

Know where your volunteers are spending each penny of your donor’s money. Track spend real-time according to projects, categories, and locations. Create custom reports easily to get data relevant to your organization.

Get access to real-time, actionable data

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