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Automated expense reporting: The new age of business expense management

Expense reporting no longer has to be frustrating! Choose Fyle as your automated expense reporting system and put an end to all your expense reporting challenges.

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Automated expense reporting

Why choose an automated expense reporting system?

Error-free expense reports

With manual expense reporting, the problem of data entry errors usually persists. This leads to inaccurate expense reports.


Fyle's OCR technology helps directly scan, extract, and auto-populate expense data from receipts to employee expense reports.


Fyle ensures e-receipts match the expense details stated in the digital expense report while also running real-time policy checks.


It enables employees to submit accurate and error-free expense reports promptly and effortlessly - every single time.

Expense reporting on-time

A complicated expense reporting process can discourage employees from submitting expense reports.


An automated expense reporting software gives employees multiple options to submit expense reports instantly.


With an automated expense management software, employees can submit expenses via Instafyle, Gmail, Outlook, WhatsApp, Slack, or text message.

Automated expense tracking

Move out of the traditional means of expense reporting, tracking, and management of business expenses with an automated expense reporting system.


A cloud-based expense reporting software auto-audits employees expense reports flags policy violations in real-time


A business expense report software also helps Finance teams sync and track all business expense reports and corporate credit card expense reports.

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Data-driven insights

In a manual expense reporting process, Finance teams deal with a lack of visibility into employee expenses.


With an automated expense reporting solution, employees can submit expense reports in real-time.


Finance teams can view business spends and trends under a unified dashboard.


A cloud-based expense management software empowers Finance teams with expense data for accurate financial forecasting.

Want to know if automated expense reporting is worth it?

With Fyle as your business expense software, automate expense reporting to save both time and money. Calculate your returns today with our ROI calculator!


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Why is Fyle the perfect expense software for business?

Make employee expense reporting easy


Fyle's mobile app helps employees to quickly snap, scan, create, and submit expense reports on-the-go.


Employees can submit travel expense reports directly from their Gmail, Outlook, WhatsApp, or Slack with just one click.


Fyle allows Finance teams to send automated email reminders to ensure timely expense report submissions.

Efficiently manage expense reports

Address your expense reporting accounting challenges


Our OCR technology accurately captures crucial receipt details and automatically attaches the e-receipt to the digital expense report form during report submissions.


Finance teams can easily access all employee information, expense receipts, invoices, and employee expense reports via our unified, searchable cloud storage.


Fyle's real-time policy engine ensures no expense report policy violations, duplicate expense receipt submissions, or expense fraud slip by for reimbursements.


Fyle integrates with your accounting software of choice and syncs all expense details with zero manual work.

Streamline your financial operations

Simplify your travel reimbursement system


Make employee reimbursement in bulk with our ACH reimbursement feature.


With Fyle as your cloud expense management software, Finance teams can review, process, and track all employee payment statuses all under one dashboard.


Finance teams can save time by automatically exporting all expense reimbursement details in a bank-friendly format.

Reduce employee reimbursement TAT
financial forecasting

Make accurate financial forecasting


With the synchronous nature of expense claims, get real-time insights into employee travel and expense details.


Gain insights into employee spending trends and patterns to make accurate financial forecasting with Fyle’s data analytics.


Leverage expense data to identify and negotiate discounts and deals with commonly associated vendors.

Gain accurate insights from expense analytics

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Benefits of automating expense reporting process

  • Automating the expense reporting process with an online expense report software can help eliminate routine manual works and data entry errors.
  • Expense report automation allows your busy employees to submit reports on-time with no manual errors.
  • With automated expense reporting systems, Finance teams can spend less time correcting expense report errors and policy violations.
  • An automated expense management software can make employee reimbursement quicker and smoother for your organization.

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