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Expense report automation for real-time receipt collection and reconciliation. * Fyle directly integrates with Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards

How Fyle's automated expense reporting system gives you real-time notifications for credit card transactions.
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What is expense management automation?

Expense management automation is the process of using software to streamline tasks like capturing receipts,
categorizing expenses, and getting approvals. It saves time, reduces errors, and improves efficiency for both
employees and finance teams.

Why should you automate expense management?

  • Better receipt management for both employees and finance teams.
  • Reduced errors with automatic data entry and receipt capture.
  • Enhanced visibility into spending habits for better budgeting.
  • Improved compliance with built-in policy checks.
  • Quicker and timely reimbursements
    for happier employees.
  • Close books faster with more productive finance teams.

How Fyle automates expense reports

Expense reports are crucial for tracking business spending. With Fyle, employees can submit receipts via text,
create and submit reports on the go, while admins can approve with single click.

How to connect your business credit cards to Fyle.

Connect cards you already have to Fyle

Fyle integrates with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, offering instant notifications on all card spend. Employees can add their cards in minutes and spend data starts flowing in real time.

Gain real-time spend visibility and automate credit card reconciliation

Instant text alerts keep you informed each time your business card is swiped. Take a picture of the receipt and reply for instant reconciliation. Or, simply text the receipt, and Fyle will automatically reconcile when the card data comes in.

See how Fyle automates credit card reconciliation
How Fyle's automated expense reporting system reconciles card transactions in minutes.

Two-way sync for a faster month end close

Your expenses are automatically coded and categorised with Fyle. The two-way sync with accounting and ERP softwares ensure all
manual work for accounting is eliminated.

Learn more about Fyle’s integrations
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Fyle automatically codes and categorises your expenses. Use Fyle’s two-way sync with accounting and ERP
software to eliminate manual work from accounting entries.

Learn more about Fyle’s integrations

Reimburse employees using ACH

Manage mileage and out-of-pocket expense reimbursements with Fyle using ACH payments (US only.) Fyle also syncs the payment data with your accounting software automatically.

See how ACH makes reimbursements faster
Using ACH payments you can reimburse employees on time.

The easiest way to automate expense reports

But, that’s not all. Here’s everything else you need for automated
expense management

Access real-time data across all your card programs in one convenient platform.
Make smarter decisions with unified, accurate information at your fingertips.

Real-time expense analytics


Real-time expense analytics

Real-time tracking of card & out-of-pocket expenses. Analyze spending across
categories, projects, departments, and more to optimize cash flow and make informed decisions.

Easy budget tracking


Easy budget tracking

Set limits for categories, departments, projects, even cost centers. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual - you choose! Get real-time email alerts when expenses near or cross
your thresholds.

Automated policy compliance


Automated policy compliance

Fyle tracks every expense, flags policy breaches, and stores all receipts digitally.
Stay audit-ready, stress-free.

FAQs around expense report automation

1. What is an automated expense reporting system?

An automated expense reporting system simplifies the entire process, from purchase to reimbursement. It automates receipt collection, credit card reconciliation, approvals, and also integrates with your accounting software to enable faster reimbursements and closing of books.

2. Why is expense management automation important?

Expense management automation saves your business money and boosts employee satisfaction by:

  • Simplifying submission: Say goodbye to tedious data entry. Capture receipts via text or app, auto-fill details, and submit with ease.
  • Eliminating errors: AI automatically extracts data and categorizes expenses, minimizing manual errors and streamlining reconciliation.
  • Fast-tracking approvals: Automated workflows route reports, notify approvers, and track progress, ensuring faster reimbursements.
  • Boosting compliance: Built-in policy checks and audit trails keep you compliant and save you valuable time.

3. Who benefits if you automate expense management?

Everyone in a business benefits from automating expense management, here’s a breakdown of how:

  • Finance teams: benefit from simplified processes, cost savings, and better visibility into spending.
  • IT managers: benefit from a reduced burden on IT support teams and improved employee satisfaction and compliance.
  • Employees on all teams: benefit from user-friendly tools, less time wasted on expense reports, less frustration, and more time to focus on their jobs.
  • CEOs and business leaders: benefit from having a well-run business with lower costs, higher profits, and happier employees.

4. What features should an automated expense reporting system have?

  • Smart Receipt Capture: Snap receipts, text them in, or email them - your system should automatically extract data and categorize expenses.
  • Seamless Integrations: Connect with credit cards for automatic reconciliation, and sync with your accounting software for effortless expense flow.
  • Policy Enforcement: Built-in business rules should flag any violations, keeping you compliant and reducing risk.
  • Streamlined Approvals: Automate workflows and notifications to get approvals fast, ensuring smooth reimbursements.
  • Easy Reporting & Analytics: Gain real-time insights into spending trends and make data-driven decisions for improved efficiency.

Fyle: Automate your way to 10x
faster expense management

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