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Company Description

Fyle was started in 2016 with a very simple obsession – to eliminate frustration from expense tracking for employees and enterprises.

Fyle has reinvented expense tracking by placing people at the centre of the problem. By focussing on simplifying the process for employees, Fyle has been able to create significant impact for enterprises.

Fyle’s Industry first AI powered data extraction engine ensures that data from any kind of receipt is automatically extracted. Further, by integrating this experience with daily applications, its created an additive and delightful experience for employees. Fyle integrates with G Suite and Office 365 and delivers a true-single click experience to Fyle an expense. By eliminating manual data entry, delays, errors and frustration gets eliminated for the enterprise.

Enterprises get accurate data and can further benefit from Fyle’s intelligent policy engine that sniffs out any transaction that violate policies instantly. Fyle transforms the process into a digital first system that can reduce time, cost and leakages in the process, all this in an employee friendly manner.

As of early 2018, large enterprises like Hero Group, Investec, Proptiger, Freshworks, Zivame use Fyle and have created an employee first system. Fyle has over 40,000 users and customers from 42 countries.

Our Story

Coming back from a client visit, Yash and Siva were on the flight when they started talking about how painful it is to do expense reports, and how they could have afforded a vacation from all the money they have lost in reimbursements over the years. Shared pain around managing receipts led to a conversation and the conversation graduated into a product that brings expense reports just one-click away.


Chief Executive Officer

Yashwanth Madhusudan

A telecommunications engineer who started his career as a frontline sales representative at Airtel about 14 years ago, Yash is today recognised as a sales champion in the industry and is often found coaching teams on consultative sales and business development. Prior to starting Fyle, Yash has spent 10+ years in SaaS sales.

Since 2010, he has worked with early stage start-ups and has been the first sales rep for Capillary Technologies and Qubole (outside US) and played a critical role in their success story. Yash left Qubole in 2016 after bringing in the first million dollars in revenue from Asia and started Fyle along with his long-time friend and colleague at Qubole.

Yash loves photography and has been a theatre artist in his pre-startup days. Today, he spends time balancing Fyle and his kids.


Chief Technology Officer

Sivaramakrishnan Narayanan

Sivaramakrishnan Narayanan is the CTO of Fyle. Siva is a PhD in computer science from Ohio State University, has published multiple papers and patents under his name, and has worked extensively in big data and distributed systems. An early stage hire at Greenplum, Siva was responsible for building an analytics platform that worked at a petabyte scale. A few years after Greenplum was acquired by EMC, Siva joined Qubole to be one of the first engineering hires where he'd make Hadoop and Hive play well in the cloud. Siva left Qubole in 2015 to start building Fyle with Yash.

Press Kit

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Quick Facts

Featured on the Google Chrome Store, Top Rated App in B2B Tech Scene on G2C and Top Rated App on Capterra.