Travel and expense data analytics

Search through expenses, view spend trend or identify violators, using a central dashboard for all your business units.


Provision better using expense analytics

Use your expense data to analyse employee spending patterns, curb policy violations, and detect fraudulent behaviour.

Central admin dashboard

Enables you to have a quick look at any areas of concern.

Spender insights

Check for anomalies in employee spends across departments. Spot and curb unnecessary expenditure.

Vendor insights

Find out where your employees are spending the most to negotiate bulk discounts with preferred vendors.

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"The UI is super intuitive and has all of the functionality that is needed in helping sort out expenses within our organization. In addition, any support requests I've submitted have been met with a sense of urgency and tackled in an extremely timely manner. Very impressed with this team!"

Ivy T. Key Accounts Manager
"It's a great product that is very user-friendly even for the least tech-savvy users which are handy because we have a lot of not tech savvy people in our particular organization. It saves a huge amount of time and hassle fumbling with receipts and dealing with lost receipts."

Taylor G. KPI, Analytics Manager
"The software is online and can be accessed from any device, anywhere, at my convenience. It becomes easy to report, and send an attachment without hard copies. Easy to understand and read reports, provide analysis and recollect all that which can be forgotten on a day to day basis."

Francis Xavier J. Area Head, Real Estate
"The system flexibility and scalability is an appreciated feature. Onboarding and customer support has been superior."

John K. CFO, Real Estate

Fyle, re-imagining expense management for businesses

Trusted by businesses worldwide

Transform decision making with data

Gain insight into expenses, reports and even specific trip related data. With a central expense management system access and analyse data to help with your business decisions.

Checks on bookings

Policy checks on hotel and flight booking expenses provide complete visibility to travel managers and admins.

Detect duplicate bills

Identify duplicate expenses and receipts across your organisation. Curb fraud and negligence at source.

Negotiate vendor discount

Find out which vendors your employees prefer the most while making their buying decisions and negotiate bulk discounts.

Cap reimbursable limits

Identify which expenses are unnecessary and reform your policies to cap reimbursable limits for such expenses.

Enhance admin control

Every card transaction is checked for a possible expense match presenting an expense for an exact match, suggest near-matches or ask you to create an expense if it doesn’t exist in Fyle.

Policies on card spends

Policy checks on expense made on corporate credit cards to ensure policy compliant spends.