Receipt management that boosts workplace productivity

Real-time expense reporting with Fyle’s receipt tracking and rich data extraction tools

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“Fyle has helped us add a lot of value internally in terms of ease of use, near paperless trail, faster turnaround times for employees and better visibility for finance.”

Abhijeet Naik Chief Financial Officer, Zivame

Expense receipts that don't need managing

Paper Receipts to Digital Expense Reporting



For employees who are the on-the-go, Fyle’s apps on the Google Play Store and App Store are an instant rescue to stay on top of all expenses.



Receipt scanner that provides a one-click experience and auto-extracts all important information.



InstaFyle meets your large pile of receipts. Just start clicking pictures to create expenses and add them to a report directly.

Email Receipts to Expense Reports


Chrome Extension

Seamlessly report expenses directly from your Gmail inbox through our highly rated Google Chrome extension.


Gmail Add-on

Submit your receipt directly from an email in your Gmail inbox, be it from Chrome browser or your mobile device.


Outlook Plugin

Turn your email into an expense receipt directly from your Microsoft 365 Outlook inbox.

Manual Reporting to Mileage, Per Diems, and Dropbox



Set up mileage reimbursement rates for distinct conveyances. Employees can then log mileages real-time within Fyle.


Per Diems

Configure Per Diems (or daily allowances) according to different departments and levels so you reimburse only what you have to.


BulkFyle - Dropbox

Upload receipts in bulk from your computer or let Fyle fetch receipts from Dropbox and turn them into expenses for you so you don’t have to.

Entire suite for better receipt management

Receipt Management

Turn expense reporting real-time with Fyle’s omnipresent tools for your entire team.

Corporate Cards

Manage all employee credit card expenses, transactions, reversals, and reconciliations, easily.

Advance Management

Track all advance pre-requisitions and never lose petty cash to your employee’s mishaps.


Configure all your expense approval workflows, no matter how complex, easily.

Trip requests

Automate pre-trip requisitions, travel bookings, trip related approvals, effortlessly.

Policy enforcement

Implement the most complex policies without hampering employee experience.

Rationalise Company Spends

Gain visibility around spend by categories, vendors, departments, and control expenses to rationalise company budgets and costs.

Optimise Operations

Understand your team’s productivity with insights on turnaround time for every stage of your expense management process.

Mitigate Risks

Be in the know and work towards eliminating high-risk factors like unauthorized weekend spends, top policy violators, and more.


Connect Fyle with your accounting software of choice and streamline your financial processes easily.


Connect Fyle with your favourite travel management software and streamline your travel expense management easily.

Credit Cards

Request direct feed sync for your corporate credit card programs and never reconcile credit card expenses manually.

Travel & Expense Management Report 2018

Understand how digital transformation and capturing T&E data sensibly can help you unlock powerful insights, better budget and close books on time.

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Expense Reporting and Submission in 2019

Understand the modern ways to report expenses within Fyle.

Expense Reporting in your Gmail Inbox

Understand how Fyle's Gmail add-on lets you submit your expenses, without you leaving your Gmail inbox.