Unlock the true potential of corporate cards

Replace your bank’s ancient portal with an advanced corporate card management software.

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Reduced time due to automated reconciliations


Audit-ready with detailed digital trails of all card expenses

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Automated reconciliations

Move away from manually linking transaction to applicable expenses, reminding employees to submit receipts and checking for policies. Automate it all with a modern reconciliation system.

Augmented card usage

The hassle of accounting with 90s stuck bank software shouldn’t cause friction to how your employees use cards today. Issue cards to more employees, let Fyle take care of the rest.

Missed opportunities

Gain complete visibility and control. Utilize credit from banks, improve cash flow. Tweak programs as you wish. Switch to an advanced corporate card management software and witness it all firsthand.

Loved by leading finance teams across 20 countries

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Corporate card management features


Easy assignment

Assign cards or individual transactions to employees, based on your preferred mode of operation.


Card spend visibility

Never lose track of any transaction, any business spend, or any applicable expense receipt made on a corporate card.


Multiple card programs

Manage multiple card programs from VISA, MasterCard, Amex or Diner’s under a unified dashboard.


Direct bank feeds

Fyle integrates directly with your card provider without any third party to ensure real-time and clean transaction feeds.


Card transaction reversals

In case of transaction reversals, Fyle suggests matches to the original transaction. The delta, if any, is supported by receipt and expense entry.


Automated reminders

Configure automated reminders for employees for their card spend within specific timeline.


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G2’s best software for 2020

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Customers love us

5-star rated reviews by real people who use Fyle to simplify their expense management.

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Customers love us

5-star rated reviews by real people who use Fyle to simplify their expense management.

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Trusted by finance teams, loved by employees

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