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FeaturesWhy Fyle?
Expense reporting
Mobile app
  • Report, submit and approve expense reports on the go
  • Provide a differentiated employee experience
  • Simplify tracking and submission
  • Handle any kind of receipt (paper or electronic)
  • Handle any type of expense (Mileage, Card, Per Diem)
  • Handle multiple receipts and expenses
  • Enable pre-submission checks inside apps that employees use every day
  • Automate duplicate detection
  • Store expenses and expense reports to submit later
Intelligent OCR
  • Powerful and rich data extraction
  • Real-time policy checks
  • Unlimited paper receipt scanning
  • Snap a picture from the mobile app
  • Capture data automatically in real-time
One-click reporting of electronic receipts
  • First of its kind feature within G Suite
  • Chrome extension, Gmail add-on
  • Automatically extract data to submit for approval
  • Automatically extract receipt to attach with the expense
Mileage tracking powered by Google Maps
  • Powered by Google Maps
  • Setup differential mileage rates based on vehicle type
Per Diem
  • Set up individual Per Diem rates based on employee groups or location
  • Set up Per Diem rates in multiple currencies
  • Upload up to 20 multiple receipts at once to create 20 expense entries automatically
Fyle Mail
  • A special email address to forward your receipts and see them automatically appear as expenses in your Fyle account
  • Used for POSs like Square, Toast, and Clover that send receipts as emails and daily rides like Uber, Lyft, and more
Upload manually
  • Computer
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
Create as a draft
  • Expense
  • Expense report
Digital audit trail
  • Expense level
  • Report level
Receipt management
Unified, unlimited, secure cloud storage for receipts
  • Boost workplace productivity
  • Turn expense reporting real-time
  • Expedite accounting and reimbursements
  • Stay audit-ready
  • Automate expense receipt collection
  • Enable effortless compliance
Searchable storage
  • Filter down by employee groups like department, level, location, etc.
  • Filter down by expense parameters like Cost Centers, Projects, expense amount, expense category, etc.
Download a single PDF with all the receipts stitched together employee-wise
Corporate card reconciliation
Card transaction to expense reconciliation
  • Automate corporate card reconciliation while linking transactions and receipts and ensuring they're compliant to company policies
  • Improve cashflow by utilising credit from banks
  • Issue cards to more employees without losing control
  • Track all card spends and ensure they're audit-ready for accounting
Direct bank feeds
Multiple card program management
Card transaction reversal handling
Setup automated reminders for employees to submit receipts
Comprehensive policy check engine
Configure policies based on:
  • Expenses, Per Diem, Mileage
  • Card transactions
  • Advances
  • Travel requests
  • Expense categories
  • Projects
  • Cost Centers
  • Employee parameters like departments, grade, business unit, cost center
  • Stay compliant, be audit ready
  • Prevent expense fraud
  • Setting right employee expectations, owing to pre-submission checks
  • Prevent overspending
  • Gain visibility into spends
  • Pre-compliance by enabling real-time policy checks at the point of expense reporting
  • Duplicate detection
  • Powerful audit logs
  • Enforce powerful checks that are not possible manually
  • Matching transactions from source
  • Paperless process
Comprehensive set of actions for policy violations
  • Pre-submission warnings
  • Soft enforcement (flag with comments)
  • Hard enforcement (capping)
  • Flag as critical (employee cannot submit)
  • Disable system approvers
Detect Holiday, Weekend and Duplicate expenses
  • Track expenses incurred on holidays and weekends
  • Use AI to detect potential duplicates
Pre-submission, real-time policy checks
Approval workflow automation
Automate any approval workflow
  • Single stage
  • Multi stage
  • Cross org
  • Project specific
  • Exceptional approvals
  • Custom complex workflow configuration
  • Increases efficiency
  • Eliminates manual errors
  • Helps stay audit ready
  • Real time pre-submission checks leading to less back and forth
  • Expedites approvals
  • Increases turnaround time for approvals
  • Automates repetitive and predictable tasks without any manual intervention
  • Replicates the most complex of workflows with ease
  • Reinforces policies without any manual communication
  • Provides control in an employee first manner
Approval types
  • Sequential mode (Expense is sent to one approver after another)
  • Parallel mode (Expense is sent to all approvers at once)
Approval modes
  • Approvals on mobile app
  • Automatic approvals
  • Dynamic approvals based on policies
Custom reminders for pending approvals
HRMS integration to update hierarchies and approver information automatically
Delegated approval
Travel expense management
Pre-travel authorizations
  • Centralize detailed records of every travel request, approval and report
  • Streamline company accounting and audits
  • Reduce processing time by automating the appropriate pre-trip approval policies
  • Predict employee travel expense costs
  • Gain complete visibility into authorizations and trip expenditure
  • Make business travel reimbursement friendly
  • Analyze travel expense metrics like booking patterns, trip-wise spends, etc.
Automated policy checks on travel requests
Trip-wise reports
Travel centric system roles
Analytics on company travel data
Integration with Online Travel Aggregators (OTAs) via APIs
Travel advances
Travel advance assignment
  • Automates payments
  • Expedites reimbursements
  • Makes reimbursements accounting-friendly
Accounting integrations for automated payments
Expense analytics
Spend trends based on
  • Expense categories
  • Employee departments
  • Business units
  • Gather real-time data
  • Make informed financial decisions with actionable insights
  • Get detailed analytics: descriptive, presprective and predictive
  • Gain better visibility into overall company spends
Policy exceptions
Travel related overspending
Merchant-wise spend
Operational analytics
Real-time MIS. Have real-time visibility about the turnaround time from
  • Expense added to expense reported
  • Expense reported to approval
  • Approval to verification
  • Verification to reimbursement
  • Optimize operations around expense management
  • Provide evidence of the company's financial control and health
  • Proof of the pudding (better enforcement, financial productivity, employee experience)
Risk analytics
Top policy violators
  • Prevent and eliminate expense fraud
  • Gain a different perspective at company expenses
  • Obtain maximum control with minimum employee friction
Change in expenses incurred (based on expense categories)
Top spenders
Expenses incurred during weekends or holidays
User roles and role-based access
  • Employee
  • Approver
  • Finance
  • Verifier
  • Auditor
  • Travel admin
  • Travel agents
  • Admin
  • Account owner
  • Customize Fyle to suit your company's expense management needs
  • Best-in-class support
  • Access beta features
  • Enjoy enterprise-grade security at minimal pricing
  • GDPR compliant
  • SSO (Single sign-on)
  • Audit logging
  • Role based access
  • Admin IP blocking
24*7 Customer Support
Customized CSV download
Multi-region setup through multi-orgs
Advanced configuration options to create
  • Custom fields for Expenses (including Mileage and Per Diem)
  • Custom categories
  • Custom employee information fields to sync seamlessly with your HRMS system
  • Integrations
    Direct integrations with accounting softwares
    • Intuit Quickbooks
    • Oracle NetSuite
    • Xero
    • Simplify expense accounting
    • Sync all expenses with your company books
    • Close books on time when everything is in an audit-ready fashion at your fingertips
    Integration through APIs
    • SAP
    • Oracle
    • Workday
    • PeopleSoft
    • Move data from Fyle to your software of choice
    • Move data from your software of choice to Fyle
    Cash advance management
    Advance requisitions
    • Centralize all engagements around cash advances
    • Ease refund collection
    • Stay compliant through effortless handling of exceptions
    • Gain better visibility on issued advances for a trip or project
    • Streamline accounting for non-reimbursable expenses
    Policies on advance requests
    Customized approvals for advances
    Refund collection
    Imprest mode

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