Expense Analytics that you always wanted

With Fyle’s central expense management, improve company spends, tweak operations and mitigate future financial risks

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“Fyle provides policy and spend optimization possibilities for us by bringing valuable, accurate business expense data in real-time.”

Vijay A M Chief Financial Officer, Capillary Technologies

Refine policies, processes and more

Showcase evidence of your company’s financial control, backed by data from Fyle.


Influence company budgets by understanding spend across categories and departments, top vendors for flights and hotels, and trip planning patterns for travel and stay.



Tweak processes and workflows by understanding turnaround time for every stage of the employee reimbursement cycle.



Understand and alleviate high-risk factors like top policy violators, weekend and holiday expenses, spending patterns and top spenders.


Personalised overview

Customise your analytics dashboards. Compare between departments, expenses, insights and trends that matter to you the most.

Your ride to the best insights
and expense analytics with Fyle

Real-time data

Be in the know about flight and hotel booking patterns, your employees’ preference, spend trends and more.

Actionable insights

Make informed decisions based on data to configure policies that enhances employee experience and financial control.

Proof of the pudding

Know about the increase in turnaround times for every stage of the expense management process.

Analytics across Travel & Expense suite

Receipt Management

Turn expense reporting real-time with Fyle’s omnipresent tools for your entire team.

Corporate Cards

Manage all employee credit card expenses, transactions, reversals, and reconciliations, easily.

Advance Management

Track all advance pre-requisitions and never lose petty cash to your employee’s mishaps.


Configure all your expense approval workflows, no matter how complex, easily.

Trip requests

Automate pre-trip requisitions, travel bookings, trip related approvals, effortlessly.

Policy enforcement

Implement the most complex policies without hampering employee experience.

Rationalise Company Spends

Gain visibility around spend by categories, vendors, departments, and control expenses to rationalise company budgets and costs.

Optimise Operations

Understand your team’s productivity with insights on turnaround time for every stage of your expense management process.

Mitigate Risks

Be in the know and work towards eliminating high-risk factors like unauthorized weekend spends, top policy violators, and more.


Connect Fyle with your accounting software of choice and streamline your financial processes easily.


Connect Fyle with your favourite travel management software and streamline your travel expense management easily.

Credit Cards

Request direct feed sync for your corporate credit card programs and never reconcile credit card expenses manually.

Travel & Expense Management Report 2018

Understand how digital transformation and capturing T&E data sensibly can help you unlock powerful insights, better budget and close books on time.

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Expense Analytics with Fyle

Understand Fyle's Analytics helps companies control expenses, tweak policies while automating workflows and being compliant at all times.

Policies and Analytics in Expense Management

Understand how important a role expense policies and analytics play in expense management.