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Compliance with pre-submission checks, duplicate detection and more


Employees with frustrating
experiences due to policies


Reduced reimbursement
processsing time

Loved by leading finance teams across 20 countries

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Why do you need real-time policy checks?

Transparent processes

No hidden dialogues. Organizations can now configure any policy and employees adhere to it automatically. Real-time adoption leads to real-time compliance.

Always audit-ready

Constant compliance doesn’t just mean employees following all policies. It extends to everything being logged in a central place for easy accounting.

Better turnaround time

Reduced manual intervention and policies being enforced automatically lead to faster, efficient approval processes.

Comprehensive policy engine features


Complex configurations

Configure policies based on employee groups and expense parameters like projects, categories, level, department, business unit, etc.


Amount limits

Control daily, weekly, monthly or annual amount limits for specific employee groups while accommodating for deviation in exchange rates.


Determine actions

In case of a policy violation, flag expense, show popup, mark as critical or update non-sequential approvers.

Pre-submission checks

Drive compliant spending habits by enabling policy checks at the point of expense reporting.

Duplicate detection

Expenses are checked for duplicate receipts, even before they are submitted.

Policies on everything

Create policies around raised trip and transport requests, card expenses and based on employee groups or expense parameters.

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Customers love us

5-star rated reviews by real people who use Fyle to simplify their expense management.

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Customers love us

5-star rated reviews by real people who use Fyle to simplify their expense management.

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Trusted by finance teams, loved by employees

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There’s more to Fyle than just a strong policy check engine.

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