Expense management for Office 365 users

Automatic expense creation right from your Outlook inbox with just a single-click.

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Effortlessly report expenses from Outlook

Automatic extraction of receipts in your Outlook mailbox with policy checks ensure you always report compliant expenses.

One-click expense creation

Extract expense information from the receipts you receive in your mail. Just click on Fyle and it is reported.

Secure and simple

We don’t read your emails. Open an email and click on Fyle, only then does the extraction start.

Policy checks on mail

Check for compliance and duplicate expenses before submitting an expense from your mailbox.

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Fyle, re-imagining expense management for businesses

Trusted by businesses worldwide

Designed to boost productivity, securely

Why log into a portal? Complete all tasks from tracking to reporting expenses and trips right from your mailbox.

Auto-categorise expenses

For every expense based on the vendor, Fyle automatically categorises the expense.

Password protected receipts

Just type in the password and Fyle will extract data from the password protected pdf in your mail.

Customize at will

Configure expense fields and make them mandatory or optional depending on the employee departments, levels, and grades.

Magic mail for recurring receipts

Spend too much at Taco Bell? Just set up Fyle magic email and we will report every time you receive a bill on your mail.

Policy checks on mail

Ensure your bills don't violate any company policies and detect duplication of bills before submission.

Most secure email plugin

The Outlook plugin doesn't access your email without permission. It works the magic only when you open a mail and click on Fyle.

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