Fyle + Slack for easy
receipt tracking and

Install Fyle on your Slack workspace, so your employees can report expenses, and managers can approve expenses without leaving the platform.


Why did we integrate Fyle with Slack?


Fyle while you Slack

Unlike traditional expense reporting apps, we don’t hamper your employees’ daily routine. We believe you can achieve faster compliance when employees submit expenses from everyday apps.


Easy reporting

Most of the frustration around expense reporting stems from how much time, effort and thought is wasted. We built this integration to ensure nobody has to think about expense reports ever again.

Submit receipts easily from Slack

Upload receipts on Slack for card expenses

Whenever a credit card transaction occurs, employees will be notified on Slack. All they have to do is reply with a receipt and Fyle automatically attaches the receipt to the Visa card expense.

Fill an expense form within Slack

Your employees can type ‘/expense-form’ to add an expense from scratch. The expense will reflect in their Fyle account, ready to report.

Send us the receipt, and we’ll create the expense

Your employees can upload receipts on the Fyle for Slack app, and we’ll create expenses automatically. They can fill in any other information, and they’re good to go!

View expense report status in real-time

View expense report status in real-time

Users get notified whenever their expense reports are submitted, approved, sent back or processed for payment. With real-time updates, there is no back and forth between you and your employees.

Approve expenses on Slack

When an employee submits an expense report, Fyle instantly notifies their approver. Approvers can review
and approve the report right from Slack.

Accounting can be seamless again

Witness the AI revolution in managing expenses
firsthand with Fyle

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