Fyle where work happens

Install Fyle on your Slack workspace. Report expenses while collaborating with your team.


Why did we integrate Fyle with Slack?

Fyle while you Slack

Unlike traditional expense reporting apps, we don’t hamper your employees’ daily routing. We believe you can achieve faster compliance when employees submit expenses from everyday apps.

Easy reporting

Most of the frustration around expense reporting stems from how much time, effort and thought is wasted. We built this integration to ensure nobody has to think about expense reports ever again.

Fyle for Slack

One command

Type /fyle, fill in the details and add an expense. See it magically appear in your Fyle account, ready to report.

Just mention it

Say @Fyle to quickly create a new expense and share additional details.


Coming soon

We’ve got exciting new things in the pipeline already - approvals, notifications, reminders and more. In a nutshell, anything you do on Fyle, you can do it on Slack. Stay tuned!



If you have any questions about this or need help setting it up for your team, you can reach out to us at support@fylehq.com.

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