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Fyle earns Great User Experience Award!

May 30, 2018
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Leading experts from FinancesOnline have recently recognized our efforts and honored us with the Great User Experience award!

The journey of Fyle

From the very beginning, our journey has been about making expense management effortless and straightforward. We designed Fyle to provide users with an interface so intuitive that expense reporting and expense tracking don’t seem like a task anymore. Fyle was also included in the list of leading accounting software solutions and hence received the Rising Star award for best expense management software.

What FinancesOnline’s review has to say about us?

Fyle was described as an excellent expense management system for enterprises and organizations due to its “robust, powerful, and user-friendly platform that simplifies and streamlines the way they track, manage, reimburse, and audit their expenses.”Experts from FinancesOnline have attributed the award to Fyle’s ease of use in managing expenses through functionalities such as AI-powered automation for expense tracking and reports, automated email data extraction, and the smart scanner app for receipt tracking on-the-go.FinancesOnline’s review asserts that we are on the track towards our vision of providing an unmatched expense management tool for enterprises.

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