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2019 so far at Fyle- Latest features and other amazing updates!

June 20, 2019
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2019 has been quite a ride at Fyle. We’ve taken huge risks, and they’ve given us great results. Our product has consistently seen fresh updates, ensuring our customers get the best out of Fyle.

Every release in 2019, thus far, have been active steps towards holistically improving expense management. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Better expense reporting and receipt management 📃


With Bulkfyle, users instantly upload multiple receipts, from their computer, Dropbox, or Instafyle (Fyle’s mobile app.)

Differential mileage rates

Admins configure differential rates that automatically change the applicable rate based on the distance logged.

Gmail add-on

Employees directly report expenses from their Chrome browser or Gmail mobile app. Additionally, they also match expenses to corporate cards, add them to existing Projects, and more.

Draft Reports

Employees add expenses on-the-go using the web or mobile app to report expenses without submitting it for approval.

Simpler cash advance management 💵

Advance request policies

Employers control the spending actions of specific employee groups by limiting the number of requests raised, the capping amount, skipping system approvers, and more.

Cross org approvals

Approvers approve advance requests from any of their entities/organizations within Fyle, without any hassle.

Advance request approvals on mobile

We’ve worked hard to reduce the need for accessing Fyle through the web. Now, approvers approve all advance requests from their mobile app, at their convenience, with a single click.

Easier corporate credit card management 💳

Reconciliation from everywhere

Employees reconcile transactions to expenses directly from the mobile app, the Gmail add-on, or the Chrome extension.

Automatic reminders

Finance teams set up automated reminders for employees to match card transactions to reported expenses.

Stronger policy enforcement engine 🚨

An upgraded policy creation module

Employers easily implement complex policies within Fyle. These are for specific employee groups, levels, departments, against expense categories, and more.

Holiday list

Employers configure company holidays and raise flags for expenses created on holidays.

Expense receipts

Finance teams ensure compliance by making receipts mandatory for company-wide expenses, with just a single click.

Advanced travel expense management ✈️

Revamped trip requests

Employees don’t just raise a pre-trip authorization but also transport and stay booking via the web or mobile app.

Trip request policies

Finance teams now control actions of specific employee groups by limiting the number of trip requests raised, capping transport/stay bookings, skipping system approvers, and more.

Personalized trip requests

Finance folks now enable trips for specific employee groups. They also include custom fields in the trip request forms.

Cross org approvals

Approvers approve trip requests along with transport/stay bookings from any of their entities/organizations within Fyle, without any hassle.

Fresh, upgraded Analytics 📊


With Fyle, employers now rationalize current spends, forecast high-risk factors, optimize processes, enhance their team’s productivity and more!

Enhanced performance and experience 🙌

Hourly refresh

We’ve reduced the time to acquire actionable data in Analytics from 24 hours to 1 hour!

Access delegation

Admins now directly delegate access to their account using the mobile app.

Dynamic forms

Employers control the display of expense categories based on Project selected.

It’s a wrap! 🎬

If 2019 wasn’t already loaded with enough new features, we’ve added one more this month to ensure a breezy review of your expenses.

Now, all expenses that have incomplete information and need review will appear in a new ‘Draft Expenses’ tab, instead of our otherwise ‘Needs Review’ tab.

You can click on ‘Start review’ to swiftly solve them all, one expense at a time.

If you like what you see, be rest assured we have more!

Effortless expense management for all business spends. Earned time, saved costs, improved productivity, happy employees - achieve it all with a single software.

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