How Zivame transformed expense management with Fyle


"Fyle is a fantastic tool if you are looking to implement a simple, effective and seamless expense management system. Good UI, simple and easy to use , cost effective and great customer service. We at Zivame were early adopters of Fyle and it has helped us add lot of value internally in terms of ease of use, near paperless trail, faster turnaround times for employees and better visibility for finance."

Abhijeeth Naik, CFO, Zivame

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The challenge

Like most companies, the expense management process at Zivame was completely manual. Employees were required to submit proofs of expense before reimbursements, managers manually reviewed the expenses and approved them. The finance/accounts department would then chase approvals and manually settle reimbursements using a spreadsheet.

This meant that the business has lower visibility into expenses and billable employee hours spent in nonstrategic, administrative areas like expense reports.

Zivame evaluated multiple solutions available in the market before reaching Fyle. All existing solutions broadly fell under two categories -

Expense Cards

These solutions typically provide corporate expense cards to employees, recording every transaction made on the card. However, the solution was limited in some ways –

  • Prepaid cards need money to be filled in advance.
  • Even after recording transactions on card automatically, employees need to submit bills or receipts as proof for audit-purposes

Most automation solutions being utilized are either HRMS modules, or plug-ins in enterprise accounting applications. Every automation software in expense management space was doing the job partially – only the policy checks and approval workflows could be automated at best. The biggest piece in the puzzle was still unsolved – manual data entry. Further, these applications couldn’t help in effectively tracking all sorts of expenses.

The Fyle Approach

After evaluation, Zivame decided on Fyle because of its comprehensive approach to solving the automation challenge.

Expense Tracking – Accessible and Mobile Automatic data extraction on mobile apps, email plugins and web app allowed users to claim an expense when and where the receipt is generated. Employees didn’t have to collect or store receipts, get hard copies or make any manual entry.

Workflow & Expense Policy- Automated Fed with expense policies at Zivame, Fyle automatically runs policy checks on every expense made and flags the violations automatically. Further, every expense made triggered approval request automatically, reducing time for approval per expense.

One-click Expense Reports & Automatic Reimbursements Fyle allowed employees to create expense reports in one-click, and automatically send those to respective approver/manager. Managers could view all expense reports with proofs in one place, and the finance team was able to start settlement of reports approved. Reimbursements needed zero manual efforts, and all expenses stay audit-ready.


Unlike traditional solutions which are plagued with setup and on-boarding delays, Fyle needed just a few minutes to get started with and very little time was spent on user training. Fyle is a self-serve platform which needs a one-time configuration. Zivame went through the same standard one-time configuration exercise –

  1. Feed organizational hierarchy into Fyle
  2. Feed expense policy into Fyle
  3. Invite employees

The Impact

Fyle asked Sandeep, Zivame’s Finance Manager to best understand the impact Fyle had on the expense mangement process. We asked certain questions to get a qualitative assessment of their experience with us, and here are some of his quotes -

Other than the interview, we pulled out Zivame’s usage data for the last active month and analyzed it to understand the changes brought in. We summarize the major wins below

75% reduction in Cost of Expense Reports

“Fyle automated the entire process and made it a lot easier - expense reporting is so easy and simple, just one-click is all the users need to do! Fyle has solved more than 80% of our pain- points”

Fyle brought down the cost of processing expense reports to 25% of the cost incurred in manual process.

50% less time spent on expense management

Zivame reports Time net Spent reduction in on time Expense management over 50%. This was observed when average expenses reported were 6-7.


Changing Habits

Anonymized time-series data on expenses fyled per day for one complete month While this interview and analysis was for understanding the quantitative and qualitative changes in the expense management process, we discovered something quite an interesting behaviour change too!

Fyle made expense reporting so easy for all forms of expenses, that employees were voluntarily reporting expenses as they came in throughout the month. Traditionally, expense reporting takes place towards the end of month as employees try to get their money back before end of cycle. This change allowed a more updated, reliable visibility into business spend. More than anything, this is a behavioural change in attitude towards expense reporting induced by Fyle, and is a validation of our vision that expense management does not have to be frustrating

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