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Money disputes → Ensure compliance for each expense

Keep your books clean by ensuring that there are no fraudulent expenses filed. Check for personal expenses, inflated expenses, duplicate expenses, cancelled travel bookings, inflated exchange rates, and more.

Enforce pre-spend approvals to keep a check on expenses.

Ensure compliance for each expense
Expedite billing processes

Delayed client payment → Expedite billing processes

Segregate billable and non-billable expenses, track expenses for each client separately and maintain a transparent expense reporting process. Export the expense data you want to send to your clients by customizing export fields, for quicker billing.

Build client trust with timely expense reports that are free from discrepancies.

Huge credit card statements → Auto-reconcile them

Stop manually matching long credit card statements to expenses submitted. Manage multiple corporate credit cards, assign them to individual lawyers and auto match them to expenses.

Gain full visibility into card spend patterns and money reversals, if any.

Auto-reconcile credit card statements
Simplify complex approval workflows

Complex approval workflows → Simplify them

Breakdown complicated approval hierarchies and build processes that work. Allow approvers to see flagged expenses, violated policies at a glance, to help them approve or reject expense reports faster.

Close your books faster with on the go approvals.

Too much spend → Know the true cost of each case fought

Keep a track on expenses incurred for each individual case that your lawyers take on. Build case-based approval workflows and dashboards to get a 360 degree view of how much money is being spent.

Keep your firm profitable by curbing unnecessary expenses while fighting cases.

Know the true cost of each case fought

No more lost bills → Submit expenses at the minute of spend

Bill your clients on time at the end of each case. Allow lawyers to instantly save their expense receipts and submit them later from anywhere – mobile, email, Drive, text messages, or even their phone gallery.

What’s more – send them timely reminders to ensure that they file on time!

No time to file expenses → Delegate access

Take the load of managing expenses off overworked lawyers. Delegate access of their account to their paralegals or assistants who can submit expenses and make pre-spend requests on their behalf.

Allow your assistants to also assign expenses to lawyers from their own accounts.

Delegate access

Shift to a more organised expense management process for your law firm

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