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Every 2nd Receipt Is In Your Inbox. Report Them in One Click.

Gmail or Outlook, Fyle plugs in to popular email clients and automatically extracts the expenses and receipts for you. Effortless expense reports are here, start today!


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Receipt Tracking App for iOS and Android
  • outlook add-in - Fyle
  • Chrome extension for GMail - Fyle

Track Receipts From Your Email Inbox

Meet the world's first chrome extension that automatically extracts expense data from receipts in your mailbox. Open your receipt and click Fyle!

Automated data extraction - Fyle

UBER or Amazon, Fyle expenses in one click

Fyle's AI engine has been trained to understand millions of receipts, and it automatically extracts items like amount, currency, vendor, date, category and more.

Gmail or Outlook, Fyle works everywhere

Fyle comes as a Chrome extension for Gmail Users and an Outlook Add-in from the Office365 store. Get the single-click expense claim experience from your favorite clients.

Are you an employee looking for better ways to do expense reports? Tell your organization about Fyle's expense management software for enterprises.

World's 1st AI Powered Expense Tracker

Put an end to printing and forwarding emails to claim expenses. Fyle allows a single click experience for employees to report expenses from their inbox and store them centrally.

Intelligent Expense Tracker - Fyle

Automatic Categorization

Fyle understands your expenses, and automaticlly categorizes them - UBER and Lyft invoices as Taxi, Zomato receipts as Food and much more. Never do it manually again!

Attachments & locked PDFs

Fyle understands when an invoice or receipt is attached to a mail, and automatically clips it to your expense claim. Got password protected PDFs? No problem, just unlock on prompt and Fyle will do the rest!

Official & Personal Email Inboxes 

Most of us have expenses scattered across multiple inboxes - which Fyle understands. You can now connect multiple Gmail or Outlook inboxes to your Fyle account and store expenses from all of them centrally!

Got dinner bills and other paper receipts? Try Fyle for iOS or Fyle for Android to report taxi bills inside your email inbox in one click.

Start Tracking Receipts From Your Inbox Today!

Effortless expense tracking and reporting from inside your email. Never lose track!



Free for 14 days - No credit card required

Email-Plugin for Expense Management - Fyle