Fyle vs Expensify

Expensify is a popular expense management platform used by many around the globe. But it comes with its own set of problems. We've put together a series of blogs highlighting the pain points of Expensify users and showing you how Fyle is the best Expensify alternative in the market.
Fyle vs Expensify

Fyle vs. Expensify #2: ‘Customer-first’ is a choice and an advantage.

March 2, 2021
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Hi! If it’s your first time around here, you should check out our earlier blog about ease of use in the expense management space.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again - expense management is an old and boring problem. It’s 2021, but managing expenses is still messy. The worst part? The messiness is NOT an accident.

According to G2, over 100 different softwares have attempted to solve the problem of expense management. Why isn’t it solved then? At Fyle, we believe this is because of the inherent disconnect between the creators and the users. This blog addresses the same.

We’ll dive into what it means to be ‘Customer-first’ in a crowded industry, why customer success doesn’t end at support, what kind of support truly matters, and more. We’ll also discuss why existing solutions like Expensify are always a step (or mile) behind.

Problems on the ground and existing expense management solutions are poles apart, and it’s not working.

The day-to-day problems with managing expenses transcend beyond just operations. It’s about lack of control, blame games, the need to be disciplined, and if there’s room, intentional fraud. Mix all of them with broken processes and fragile egos; your disaster is ready to be served.

The problem is clearly outlined. Yet, most existing solutions turn a blind eye and only solve for the operational bit.

Sure, a great OCR scanner is perfect but is that really the problem? Is the lack of a good OCR scanner stopping employees from reporting expenses? NO.

Is adding a screen for Finance or Accounting teams to look at expenses and receipts in one place enough? Is looking at thousands of expenses and receipts side by side solving expense management? NOPE.

If we all agree, then why are we settling for any software that just solves it operationally? Why aren’t we looking for a software that truly understands what it means to manage expenses day in and day out? Why are we still choosing Expensify?

Cue on repeat: Expensify doesn’t care about you, and it’s NOT okay.

Time and again, Expensify has shown how little they care about their customers.

Expensify’s lack of customer centricity stems from something we don’t understand. Pack it up with a broken software, and things are always fussy. If they put their minds to it, Expensify can provide excellent support while building a software that genuinely solves expense management for all. But they don’t, so we did.

Fyle is better for you. We are biased, and we’ve got MANY reasons.

There, we said it, and we will stand by it. 

YOU come first for us, always.

At Fyle, Customer Success is not a marketing gimmick. Fyle incepted from a personal frustration towards expense management, so we know exactly where our customers are coming from.

Here’s what Customer Success at Fyle translates to:

  • 24*7 email support for all (In 2020, our average TAT to resolve a customer query was 1hr 7mins)
  • In-app chat support (Business and Enterprise plans)
  • Dedicated Success Manager for Enterprise customers who also help with customized, timely reports

Btw, don’t just take our word for it. Please do read about our raving reviews on G2 or Capterra.

Your problems and opinions matter to us.

Expense management is an old problem, but it’s ever-evolving. It also changes from one organization to another. We listen to you because our priority is first to solve your problem well.It’s a win-win. A lot of our product roadmap is a direct reflection of our continuous customer conversations.

Customize to the core.

We understand that accounting needs change from one organization to another. This is exactly why Fyle helps you take total control of your expense management. Customize literally anything - expense forms, approval workflows, user roles, payments and reimbursements, integrations, and whatnot.

Works beautifully even at scale.

When we launched ‘Bulkfyle,’ a way to submit multiple expenses at once, a user fyled ~2000 expenses in a single go! If that’s not enough, in 2020, ~2M expenses were processed within Fyle, and we had 100% uptime, i.e., our apps, third-party integrations, web modules never went down.

Ease of use meets a robust product.

We get support tickets because there’s a real problem. It’s not for clarifying how things work within the product. We wanted to make it ridiculously easy for everyone - employees, approvers, auditors, accountants, payment processors, and the Finance team. This means everything is intuitive and tailor-made for YOU.

Your data is only and always yours.

Keeping legal compliance aside, we don’t intend to use your data in any way. All your data is stored securely and accessible only to you. Our role-based access goes a step further to ensure roles within Fyle have visibility into data that pertains only to them. We leave absolutely no room for monkey business.

We rest our case.

Customer-first companies win. Period.

Historically successful companies have one thing in common - they were all ‘Customer-first.’ Their product, roadmap, experiences, business plans - all revolve around making their customers’ lives easy. At Fyle, we do exactly that.

We have no two ways about being ‘Customer-first;’ it’s even embedded as part of our company’s culture. It has helped us succeed so far, and it’ll only take us further.
If this doesn’t convince you, keep an eye out on our feature releases page and catch the action as it happens!

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