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Mobile Expense Reporting: Enable ‘Expense as you go’ for modern employees

May 24, 2021
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Your employees are always on the go, so why should their expense reporting stay behind?

At Fyle, our central goal is to enhance the mobile experience to make expense tracking seamless for employees. Driven by AI, Fyle’s expense reporting app enables them to report expenses in real-time, irrespective of where they are.

Fyle’s mobile app experience

Fyle’s mobile app, on Android & IOS, has speed and efficiency as its top priority. Employees can use our mobile app to scan and upload receipts, and report various expenses like mileages & per-diems. They can also put in trip and advance requests. Additionally, team managers and leads can use the app to quickly approve or reject expense reports.

With an intuitive user experience, employees barely need to be trained to use the app. For companies with extensive expense rules and policies, the app enforces policy violation checks in real-time. This ensures compliance, and satisfied CFOs.

Features that set us apart from other mobile expense reporting apps:

1. Easy-to-use receipt scanner

With Fyle’s receipt scanner, employees can quickly scan and capture an image of the receipt without any hassle.

When we spoke to our customers, we found that their employees love Fyle's mobile app scanner. Here's why.

Fyle was built by people who understand the nuances of a seamless expense management software. We know that tracking paper receipts takes a significant chunk of an employee's productive time. That's why we've made receipt scanning a 3-click experience.

  1. Click on 'Instafyle'
  2. Capture the receipt
  3. Submit the expense

P.S If your receipt resides in your phone gallery, you can select the image.

2. Accurate ML-based data extraction

Most mobile expense reporting apps today come with inbuilt OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. This facilitates the system to read the required information from an image. But it doesn’t stop there. There needs to be an intelligent system that filters the required data and extracts it accurately.

A faulty extraction tool does more harm than good since your employees inevitably spend time and effort correcting the mistakes. Fyle uses ML to ensure the data extraction module is efficient and fast.

With Fyle,

  • Expense form fields are auto-filled within 5 seconds of capturing the image.
  • Required fields like amount, currency, date of spend, and category are extracted from the image.
  • Couple this with auto-fills (default values for expense form fields), and employee expense submissions are a breeze.

3. Mileages, per-diems, and advances

There's more to expense management than just receipts.

For employees that travel, Fyle's app integrates with Google Maps, enabling them to file mileages anywhere, anytime. All they need to do is enter the "to" and "from" locations, and the system calculates the rest.

Track mileages with Fyle and Google Maps

Additionally, employees can use the Fyle mobile app to file for advance requests. For issued advances, employees can track and report expenses from the advance balance. The process is as easy for per-diems.

Request for Advances with Fyle

As for Finance teams, you have complete control over the mileage rates and per-diem rates set for the organization. You can even choose to show only specific rates to certain employees.

Configure custom mileage rates on Fyle
Configure custom per diem rates on Fyle

Also, our expense forms are customizable. If you want to collect more data from employees, all they need to do is add those fields in the form. ‍

4. Time-saving bulk receipt capture

Fyle comes with ‘BulkFyle’, a feature that empowers your employees to report and submit expenses in bulk. This drastically cuts short the time taken to submit expenses.

The employee can use the app to click images of multiple receipts subsequently. Fyle then creates the expenses for all these receipts. Data from the receipt is automatically extracted, and the expense form is auto-populated. Employees only need to review the expenses and submit them for approval.

5. Real-time tracking of filed reports and requests

When employees don’t know the status of their reimbursements and requests, they often reach out to Finance for updates. Real-time tracking can eliminate this. Fyle’s mobile expense reporting app lets employees know the status of their reimbursements at any given point.  

Track expense report statuses in real-time

6. Approvers can directly approve reports from the app

With Fyle, approvers/team managers can review and approve employee expense reports on the go. They can see expense details and audit logs for detailed deep dives on each expense. They can also choose to approve, add comments, or send back the report. This means approvers don’t have to delay approvals just because they don’t have access to the web app.

Finally, the mobile expense reporting app your employees will love!

Your employees do not hate expense management. They hate time-consuming Excel sheets, piles of receipts, and back and forths with your Finance and Accounting teams. The best way to guarantee timely expense report submissions is by ensuring you have a process that is as easy and intuitive as possible. And that’s what we aim to do at Fyle.

If you want to push for digital transformation while ensuring faster expense report submissions and reporting, it's time you check us out. We'd love to show you around!

Effortless expense management for all business spends. Earned time, saved costs, improved productivity, happy employees - achieve it all with a single software.

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