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Revamped Analytics, fresh new Policies, and more - This month at Fyle

May 23, 2019
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May at Fyle was all about augmenting policy enforcement for organizations while enhancing employee experience.

We’ve tackled problems that are often ignored because of  defective processes. If that wasn’t enough, we’ve even found a way for organizations to gain absolute control over their expense management.

This month’s releases include exciting new features for both - employers and employees.


Introducing Analytics that you’ve always wanted! 🤩

Analytics (beta) is finally here!

Now, employers can seamlessly understand and rationalize current company spends. Further, employers can forecast and eliminate high-risk factors like frequent policy violators, unauthorized weekend/holiday expenses, etc. Fyle enables businesses to optimize and streamline processes, improve financial  productivity and more!

Fyle helps you to be in-the-know about the state of expense management in your organization. Gain insights with real-time actionable data -- spot gaps, achievements, and more.

Policies, policies, everywhere! 🙌

We’ve rolled out policies in Trip requests and Advance requests. Now, you can manage all employee actions without losing control while staying compliant at all times!

Configuring these policies enable you to limit the number of trip/advance requests raised by a specific employee group. You can even cap the amount on advance requests or allow only specific employee groups to request for transport/stay bookings, and more.

Wish to enable it for your organization?

Please reach out to us at [email protected], and we'll take care of the rest.

Small releases, huge impact! 😇

Advance request approvals on Mobile: Approvers receive complete information about raised advance requests. They can further  take direct action on the requests using the Android or iOS app.

Custom fields for Trips: Admins can customize form fields for trip requests. They can also  configure which booking requests (transport, stay, etc.) are made available to which employee group.

Selective availability of Trip requests: Admins, when adding new employees to Fyle, can choose whether the employees can  raise trip requests or not.

Cross org approvals of Trip requests: Admins can add approvers for trip requests from any of your organizations on Fyle, no matter where they are.

Differential mileage rates: Admins, can configure differential rates that automatically change the applicable rates based on the distance logged.


Reconciliation through Mobile and Email extension

Now employees can seamlessly match corporate card transactions to suggested expenses directly from the mobile app or chrome extension.

Trip booking requests on Mobile

This feature allows employees to not only raise trip requests but also additional bookings like transport and stay, directly from the Android or iOS app.

Draft reports on Mobile

Employees can now add expenses to draft reports on-the-go, directly from the Android or iOS app.


At Fyle, we’re constantly innovating to make sure we provide an easy and effective solution for all your expense management woes. In the upcoming updates, you’ll see a lot more around policies, analytics, and design improvements, all coupled with enhanced performance and efficiency.

With this, we wrap up our updates for May. See you again next month!

PS. If you’re curious to know how customers are leveraging all of these features and more, schedule a demo with us today!

Effortless expense management for all business spends. Earned time, saved costs, improved productivity, happy employees - achieve it all with a single software.

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