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This Month at Fyle - AMP Gmail Approvals, Travel Dashboards, Enhanced Support, and More

October 1, 2020
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At Fyle, a new month equal more exciting feature updates. We bring you approvals from your Gmail, better NetSuite and Quickbook integrations, in-app support and more. Jump right in to know more!

Better Notifications

Notifications for receipt-less expenses

Users who tend to forget, or defer, uploading receipts set reminders to upload receipts at the time they specify, to avoid submitting receipt-less expenses. 

App Notifications on Slack

Similar to email and mobile push notifications, users get notified when a report is approved, sent back, deleted, or if a comment gets added. Approvers are notified when a new expense report is submitted. 

Increased User Controls

Advanced Search: OR conditions

All users add multiple sub-filters in an existing filter, to add a combination of AND and OR filters for a more refined search. 

Report Approvals from Gmail

Approvers approve reports directly from their Gmail inbox without having to navigate to the Fyle app. 

Increased Admin Controls

Advanced Customization of Exports

Admins customize their export data based on their own business requirements or the formats of thirds party applications that they use. 

Dashboard for Travel Admins and Auditors

With the new dashboard, travel admins view pending travel, transportation, and hotel requests, and choose to book or cancel them. Auditors view historical data of reports approved, payments processed, issued advances, trip requests created, hotels booked, and transportation booked. 

Enhanced Support

In-app Chat Support

Users quickly contact support when they face trouble or have a query from within the Fyle app. 

Upgraded Integrations

NetSuite Integration Updates

Finance folks using NetSuite upload their Fyle expense attachments along with expense reports, vendor bills, and journal entries, and export reports for reimbursable expenses and vendor bills for credit card expenses.

Map Custom Expense Fields in QuickBooks

Finance folks who use QuickBooks online change the export and import settings and group expenses by different expense fields. 

What's Next at Fyle?

For the next month, we have better budgets, policies, enhanced personal card reimbursements, workflows, and other exciting updates! Visit this space next month to know more.

Effortless expense management for all business spends. Earned time, saved costs, improved productivity, happy employees - achieve it all with a single software.

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