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This Quarter at Fyle - Support for All Mastercard Credit Cards, Simplified Expense Reports, New Accounting Integrations and More.

March 31, 2023
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At Fyle, we mean it when we say customers come first. Thanks to the constant support and feedback we receive from our customers, we’ve had a pretty busy quarter building some exciting features. 🙂

First, we’ll look at the updates inside the product, followed by features that make our integrations with Accounting, HRMS, and Travel Management software truly seamless.

Real-Time Spend Visibility for All Mastercard Business Credit Cards

Bank-offered card feeds are not reliable and are often broken. You need to wait until the end of the month to download the bank statement, run after employees for receipts, and manually match every transaction with the correct receipt.

Fyle is excited to announce that we now directly integrate with all your Mastercard business and corporate credit cards to give you real-time data feeds and a better expense management experience. (We released support for all Visa credit cards last year!)

Imagine you swipe your Mastercard business credit card at your local Starbucks. You instantly receive a text notifying you of the transaction, and asking you to send in a picture of the receipt. All you have to do is reply to the text with an image of the receipt, and Fyle will automatically match it with the card expense.

Fyle integrates with any Mastercard business credit card from any US bank seamlessly, so you get the best software experience on your existing cards. With this release, you can not only see transaction data flow into Fyle in real-time, but make it extremely easy for employees to submit receipts for credit card expenses.

Read more about Mastercard real-time feeds here.

Mastercard real-time feeds with Fyle integration
Mastercard real-time feeds and text notifications

Automatic Expense Report Submission

Expense reporting is already tedious work. That’s why Fyle makes it extremely easy for your employees to submit receipts from everyday apps. But until now, they had to perform an additional step to create and submit a report of all their expenses.

To eliminate this, we automated the expense report submission process.

An admin on Fyle can create weekly or monthly schedules, and an employee’s expenses will automatically be added to a new expense report and submitted on the scheduled dates. You don’t have to follow up with your employees to submit the expense reports anymore! Read more about this feature here.

Automatic expense report schedules

We also heard from our customers that the accountants or finance teams responsible for Verifying and Reimbursing the employees wanted to be notified at regular intervals. And that’s what we’ve delivered! Read this to learn how to set up automatic reminders.

Simplified Expense Report Workflow

Once the expense reports were submitted and approved, the accountants had to go through multiple steps just to process reimbursements and export them to their accounting software. To prevent unnecessary additional clicks, we’ve made the process of closing the expense reports on Fyle simpler for the accountants.

With this new update, you can Approve, Verify, and directly Close the expense reports from within the Reports page on Fyle for all credit card expenses. If you have reimbursable spend you can Approve, Verify and Reimburse right from the Reports tab.

Based on your configurations, all expense data will be automatically exported to your accounting software.

You can read more about this change here.

The new Reports flow

Merchant-based Expense Rules [Beta]

Companies often have recurring payments to vendors for repeated expenses. For example, A Microsoft or Fyle subscription that requires repetitive payments and is accounted for in the same GL Account. At times, the employees who avail these services from merchants may not fill in the correct details, and the accounting team needs to send back the expenses or manually correct the details on expenses.

The Merchant-based Expense Rules feature enables admins to set specific rules for auto-filling expense details. For example: If the Merchant name contains Uber, then Set Category to Taxi. You can also selectively apply this rule to different departments.

You can read more about this feature here. ETA: Mid-April!

Merchant-based expense rules

Dependent Fields [Beta]

Some of our customers, especially those who use project-based expense management, requested nested or dependent fields to capture relevant expense data. For example, our construction customers wanted to accurately record Cost Codes and Cost Types for each Project (Client), and they wanted their employees to select the Cost Codes and Cost Types for every expense based on the Projects.

We now allow admins to create such nested or dependent fields in Fyle, making it easy to track and sync this data with your accounting software. Currently in beta, this feature is set to go live soon!

Accurately record fields like Job Codes, Cost Codes, and Cost Types


New Integrations

QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks is a popular accounting system used by many of our customers, and a QuickBooks Desktop-Fyle integration was one of our most asked integrations in the last year.

On popular demand, we successfully launched our first integration with a desktop application through an IIF export, a recommended method by Intuit to post expenses into QuickBooks Desktop directly. You can easily customize and export your reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses from the Fyle app using Intuit Interchange Format (.IIF) files (a format readable by Intuit products). Read more.

Fyle - QuickBooks Desktop Integration

TravelPerk [Coming Soon]

For companies that use a travel management system like TravelPerk to book flights and stay, there is a lot of information already in the system that can easily be converted to an expense without depending on manual entries from the employee.

To automate this travel expense process, we’re building an integration with TravelPerk that creates expenses in Fyle for every travel booking made on TravelPerk, with the date, amount, and other details automatically filled in. With this, accounting for travel expenses will become easier, and employees will no longer have to download and save booking receipts and create expenses manually.

Fyle - TravelPerk Integration

Gusto [Coming Soon]

Gusto’s HRMS platform makes payroll, benefits, and hiring more streamlined while being a central database for your employee information. Instead of manually adding employee records on Fyle, and ensuring both systems are constantly updated, we’re introducing the Fyle-Gusto integration that eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone manual process.

Users can save time by allowing Fyle to import employees from Gusto as users in Fyle, along with key information like e-mail ID, department, managers, etc. Also, accountants don't have to worry about adding new employees or removing old employees manually, as Fyle will automatically sync these changes from Gusto to Fyle.

We’re also going to support the option to export reimbursements in Fyle to the Gusto payroll. If you’re interested in it, let us know at

Fyle - Gusto Integration


Export Fyle Reference ID to NetSuite Reference field

When you’re reconciling card expenses or trying to locate a particular expense in NetSuite that was posted from Fyle, you may have to go through a few steps to get the data you want.

We’ve simplified this for our users by exporting the Fyle Expense ID to the Reference field in NetSuite, which is a trackable field. Now, you just have to look up the Report/Expense ID in NetSuite, and it will fetch you the exact transaction easily. This is currently available for users reporting expenses as Bills or Credit Card Charges.

Export Fyle Reference ID to NetSuite Reference field

Sage Intacct

Auto-sync Projects and Chart of Accounts between Fyle and Sage Intacct

Do you find maintaining records in multiple systems to be a painful task? We’ve got you covered!

We’ve improved our integration with Sage Intacct by automatically syncing the Projects and Chart of Accounts data from Sage Intacct to Fyle. That is, whenever a new Project or account is added in Sage Intacct, it will be imported to Fyle.

Similarly, if a Project or Account is deactivated in Sage Intacct, the same will be deactivated in Fyle and no longer be available in the expense form for employees to select. This way, your employees cannot create expenses with disabled values that may create errors in your accounting system.

Export of Corporate Credit Card Refunds from Fyle to Sage Intacct

Whenever an employee receives a refund/credit for any expenses made on their credit card, it must be reported to the company and accounted for in the company books to ensure accuracy.

Earlier, our users had to create these credit records in Sage Intacct manually, but we’ve now added support for the export of refunds from Fyle to Sage Intacct automatically. Your employees just have to create a negative expense in Fyle, and it will get exported to Sage Intacct when exported as Bills or Journal Entries.

Fyle in the News

Fyle is reimagining how small businesses manage expenses by making it easy, real-time, and directly integrated with your existing credit cards. You don’t have to depend on delayed spend data, run after employees to collect and code receipts, or manually export data into accounting software ever again. Hear it straight from our co-founder Yashwanth Madhusudhan in this Forbes article.

What’s next?

As we head into the remainder of 2023, you can expect some awesome feature upgrades and new releases. Stay tuned!

Effortless expense management for all business spends. Earned time, saved costs, improved productivity, happy employees - achieve it all with a single software.

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