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Reconcile card transactions, track expenses and approve reports from the new Fyle app for Slack

July 22, 2022
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One of the major challenges in expense management is to ensure that your employees track and submit their expenses on time. The new Fyle app for Slack is built to enable your employees and Finance team to manage expenses without leaving the platform. You can track expenses, reconcile credit card spend in real-time, be notified of the status of your reports, and approve reports on the go.

You can install the Fyle app from the Slack App Directory and click on the "Add to Slack" button. Then, allow Fyle to access the Slack workspace. You can start submitting expenses quickly by simply calling a slash command (/expense-form) or visiting the Fyle app.

Creating expenses

One of the ways employees can create an expense with the Fyle Slack App is by uploading the e-receipt into the Fyle Slack app. Fyle will scan the receipt, extract the details, and auto-fills the expense form without any manual intervention.

Another way of creating expenses is by using the expense form. You can call the expense form by typing “/expense-form”. The expense form captures the following details - Currency, Amount, Purpose, Merchant, Date of Spend, Category, Project, and whether the expense is Reimbursable. Once submitted, these expenses can be tracked on the Web app or Mobile app, added to a report, edited, or deleted.

They can also submit receipts to the expense by clicking on the "Attach Receipt" button and uploading the receipts to the same thread.

Match receipts to card spend automatically

Fyle's new integration with Visa brings real-time card feeds to any Visa-powered credit card (soon expanding to other payment networks). So when an employee makes a payment with their credit card, they are instantly notified of the spend on Slack. 

All they have to do is attach an image of the receipt, and Fyle will match it automatically. This leads to transactions being reconciled on time with only a few clicks.

Later, you can go to your Fyle account to review the expense and submit it in an expense report.

Real-time status updates

Employees are informed of any change in status with their expense report. Fyle sends a notification whenever their expense reports are submitted, approved, sent back, or processed for payment. This eliminates a lot of back and forth between the employees and the Finance team, while ensuring transparency.

Easy expense report review and approval

With this integration, reviewing and approving reports becomes easy too! When an employee submits an expense report, Fyle instantly notifies their approver. The approvers can choose to either review the report right from Slack or do it in Fyle. In Slack, they can take a quick glance at all the details like the amount, date of spend, purpose and if the receipt is attached.

Once the approver is done reviewing the report, they can approve or send it back without leaving Slack.

Fyle works where your employees work, so they don't have to spend time learning how to use Fyle to manage expenses. If you'd like to see Fyle in action, please feel free to schedule a demo with us and learn why it's time for you to switch.

Effortless expense management for all business spends. Earned time, saved costs, improved productivity, happy employees - achieve it all with a single software.

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