What is Fyle doing at Scaling New Heights?

May 23, 2024
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Power Breakfast Session

Get ready to join us for a power packed breakfast session at Scaling New Heights this year! 

Title: Caffeine & Credits: Conquering the App Jungle!

Hosted by:  Matthew Fulton, Founder of Parkway Business Solutions

Panelists: Yashwanth Madhusudan (Co-Founder of Fyle), Monique Swansen (CEO of Automated Accounting),  Ken Tan (Partner at Capin Crouse) and Erica Edd (Founder and President of The Numbers Agency).

This interactive session is your passport to mastering the art of app selection and management in the world of accounting. Get ready to ignite conversations, share experiences, and unlock practical strategies for success.

  • 1. Identify Key Factors in App Selection: Participants will learn to identify and evaluate critical factors in selecting accounting applications that enhance workflow efficiency and data accuracy.
  • 2. Explore Diverse Expert Perspectives: Gain insights from seasoned industry leaders on the strategic integration of apps into accounting practices, focusing on practical examples and real-world applications.
  • 3. Develop an App Management Strategy: Equip yourself with strategies to manage and optimize the use of accounting apps within your firm to improve client service and operational productivity.

Main Stage Presentation

Catch the Co-Founder of Fyle on the mainstage as Joe Woodard drives a discussion around controllership. The session will be moderated by Deborah Defer and thought leaders will share their views on successfully implementing a profitable and thriving controllership model in their firms. 

Topic - From Concept to Practice: Leading the Charge in Spend Management

Live interviews with Matthew Fulton 

Are you ready to take center stage at SNH? Prepare to be interviewed live by Matthew Fulton from Parkway Business Solutions. Share your insights, experiences, and perspectives on the world of finance and accounting, and engage in a dynamic conversation. Catch us and Matthew at our booth at Scaling New Heights.

Raffle at Fyle Booth

Visit us at the booth to enter the raffle and win exciting prizes! Also, keep an eye out for our special chair drops for a more exciting way to enter the raffle!

Text-A-Receipt Contest

Don't switch cards, switch to Fyle! Text any receipt to (856) TXT-FYLE | (856) 898-3953 and win a Nintendo Switch. Get ready to be blown by how easy it is! 

Unveiling Fyle Accountant Directory at Scaling New Heights

We are super excited to announce that we are launching a services discovery platform on our website, for our partners. How will it work? We currently have thousands of prospects and direct customers of company size 10 - 1000 employees who visit our website and blogs everyday. Based on our analysis, most of these prospects and customers are looking for ways to become more profitable, increase efficiency or embrace new technology. We believe you can play a vital role in helping them. Through the discovery platform, we will direct our website visitors to specific services you provide and they will be able to connect directly with you. Here’s how it is going to be useful to you:

  • Get a boost in business by increasing visibility
  • Get potential backlinks to your website, helping boost your domain authority
  • Get access to a discovery platform  to discover others who can help aid your business

Attract the ideal client! 

Join Fyle Accountant Directory Now!

6 essential tips for making the most of Scaling New Heights

Attending SNH between June 16 -19, 2024? Make sure you have ticked off everything on the checklist! Read this blog to get ready for SNH and rid yourself of last minute hassles. 

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