Employee-friendly expense reporting

Let's face it -- expense reporting sucks and the domino-effect doesn't help streamline the expense management process. As an organization, learn everything you need to change that and provide your employees with a non-frustrating expense reporting experience.
Employee-friendly expense reporting

Draft expense reports for people always on the move

March 18, 2019
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“What I need is a way to keep adding expenses to a report which I want to submit at the end of a business trip. I don’t want to create expenses and later waste time fitting each expense to the right report.”
~ Kevin

Who is Kevin?

Kevin is one of our German users, who travels for business more than ten days in a month. He often has multiple meetings for different projects on a single trip. The expenses incurred by him in a single day often spread across projects.

Kevin’s pains

Kevin prefers to stay organized and reports expenses for various projects separately. Up until now, Kevin would wait till the trip got over. He would then filter expenses based on projects. Right after, he would create individual reports for all the projects. A submission would notify his manager of pending approvals. Once a report was approved, Kevin couldn't further edit it. This left Kevin little to no room for rectifying reporting errors.

Kevin’s needs

Kevin wishes to add an expense to an existing report on-the-go. This way he won’t have to bother about matching expenses to projects. With this feature, he can also add an expense to an appropriate report for a project, whenever he creates an expense.

Introducing Draft reports for our power user

We thank users like Kevin who have helped drive the product roadmap at Fyle. To ease the pain, we are launching “Draft reports” as a feature in Fyle this month.

In a nutshell, draft reports let you create a running report to which you can keep adding expenses without submitting it to your managers for approval. You can keep adding expenses to a draft report for as long as you like and submit them for approvals when you wish to.

You can create expenses from the web app, the chrome extension or using the mobile app. You can add incurred expenses to any of the draft reports at the time of expense creation. For every expense that users create, they have the option to add the expense to any of the existing expense reports. Alternatively, users can also create a new draft report while creating a new expense.

Another possibility is that users can drill down to an individual report, and then choose the expenses they want to add to specific reports. When a user tries to submit a draft report, a list of expenses is presented. Multiple expenses can be selected and added to the report just before submitting for approvals.

Why are expense draft reports important?

The introduction of draft reports provides users with an added layer of flexibility. Now, they can either choose to immediately submit a report for approval or create a draft that needs revisions before submission.

Who should use this?

If you are a frequent business traveler, who has to report expenses for different deals or projects separately, then a draft report is a lifesaver for you. Users can also file expenses in bulk. Once the expenses are created, you can filter them by projects and add them to individual reports, in bulk as well.

What is next for draft reports?

The current version of draft reports allows users to create draft reports to which they can add expenses. Once done, they can submit them for approval as and when they wish. Once submitted, users will not be able to add expenses to the reports. But they can still make edits to fyled expenses or remove expenses from reports before the report is approved.

Later this month, we have another version of draft reports coming out. With the next rollout, users will be able to pull back “submitted reports” into  “draft stage” and make edits. Users will also be able to pull back approved reports. We expect this to augment the ease of use for users, furthermore.

Do you think draft reports is something you would use? We would love to hear from you about our new feature. Share your experience with us at [email protected].

Oh, in case you aren’t already using Fyle, you can get started with a free trial. YES! We won’t need your card details for that.

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