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Fyle is ranked highly for Satisfaction in Travel and Expense Management, and Mileage Tracking - G2 Summer Report 2021

July 26, 2021
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G2's Satisfaction Ratings show how verified G2 users have rated software sellers' ability to satisfy their needs. They produce quarterly highlights based on reviews and satisfaction scores across several categories – ease of setup, use, ease of doing business with, quality of support, and more. 

This summer, users have spoken and have rated Fyle highly for Satisfaction in three categories around Travel and Expense Management.

The G2 Summer Report 2021 reveals 91% of users believe that Fyle is going in the right direction with the Product

Fyle was born out of frustration from manually filing expense reports and losing out on reimbursement claims. So, in 2016, Yash and Siva, the co-founders of Fyle, set out to eliminate manual expense reports once and for all.

It has been five years since, and Fyle does a lot more than erase manual expense reports. With innovative features, robust business rules, and smart automation, Fyle eases expense management for employees, administrators, and Finance teams alike. 

Not our words..

"Fyle is intelligent, employee-centric, scalable and delivers significant value to growing businesses without any impact on user experience and quality of support"

Pamulapati P.

Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

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"Fyle allows quite a bit of configuration to meet our needs better than a lot of other products we looked at. Support and Engineering has been very responsive adding or fixing items we have needed. Users have been fast to adopt the product so it is pretty easy to use as well."

Administrator in Wholesale

Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

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The secret behind our ratings? Customers come first, the end.

We know that not even EMS providers understand accounting challenges like accountants and Finance teams. This is why every decision we make at Fyle is customer-centric and based on insights from our customers. 

94% of users believe Fyle meets their requirements

We're always listening and learning from our customers. Most of our Product Roadmap reflects insights from customer interviews, sales demos, and requests from the Customer Success team. 

We prioritize building features that you want, and thus, Fyle is becoming increasingly intuitive, saving users time, cost, and effort at every step in the pre-accounting process

Here’s how we’re doing so far 

  • 94% ranked Fyle highly for its Ease of Use
  • 94% believe Fyle meets their requirements
  • 91% said Fyle's Admin controls were easy to use
  • 93% are satisfied with the ease of doing business with Fyle
  • 90% of users are satisfied with the ease of setup

93% of users love Fyle’s Quality of Support 

Our Customer Success team enables you to gain the maximum RoI from Fyle with quick implementation, onboarding, and comprehensive support. 90% of users said Implementation and Setup with Fyle were easy, as per the G2 Summer Report 2021.

A note from Bharadwaj, the Head of Customer Success at Fyle -

I have seen my fair share of projects suffer and languish, often due to multiple factors ranging from capability, engagement, detailing, risk identification, testing, communication, and effective change management. 

At Fyle, we have taken our collective learning and plugged it into our onboarding process to ensure transparent, predictable, hassle-free, and committed outcomes for customers. 

Total time for implementing Fyle

  • Small Businesses - 2 weeks (approx)
  • Medium Businesses - 5-6 weeks
  • Enterprises - 10-12 weeks

With Fyle, say goodbye to multi-month, tortuous implementation procedures, no matter how complex your workflows. If you want to understand how we manage to deliver this promise, read on

Fyle has a consistently high NPS of +56 and over 500+ 5 star reviews on trusted software review platforms like G2, Capterra, and GetApp


93% of users said they were likely to recommend Fyle

Fyle solves complex expense management challenges in the simplest way possible with powerful automation, robust business rules, and, lastly, ease of use for all stakeholders in the process. 

Explore our suite of expense management features that help businesses automate the pre-accounting process end-to-end →

Eliminate manual expense reporting, reduce TAT for expense reimbursements, and enhance employee experience with the most user-friendly expense management software - Fyle.


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