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Product update

Introducing Fyle’s Integration with American Express: Issue virtual Cards easily!

February 23, 2024
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American Express® Business or Corporate Cardholders can now issue unlimited, on-demand virtual Cards on the Fyle platform!1

Virtual Cards have gained immense popularity among businesses for several reasons. They offer heightened security, they come with integrated spend controls, and they’re extremely easy to issue and manage for different purposes. If you have an existing American Express® credit card program for your business, you can now create and issue unlimited virtual Cards with built-in controls linked to your physical cards using Fyle. 

These virtual Cards are an extension of your existing American Express credit line, providing a plethora of benefits while enhancing your expense management. Get unparalleled control and visibility on spend while retaining rewards2, points, memberships, and banking relationships. 

Why should you use virtual Cards? 

A card for every purpose 

The best part about virtual Cards is that they can be issued for specific purposes. Let’s say you have employees who constantly travel, you can create cards for each trip. If you deal with contractors and sub-contractors, give them cards with spend limits to purchase materials and more, so they always stay within budget. Or if you have multiple subscriptions or vendors to pay, you can create cards for each vendor, with pre-set limits. Issue a card for every purpose. 

Real-time spend visibility and automated receipt matching

Every time users spend on their American Express virtual Cards, they’re prompted via text to add receipts. They can simply reply to the message with a picture of the receipt, and Fyle will automatically reconcile it with the card transaction. Collect and match receipts within seconds of the transaction actually happening. As admins, you will see transaction data flow into the Fyle dashboard at the time of card swipe, via real-time feeds.  

Granular spend controls 

Set spending limits and choose when a virtual Card should expire, allowing you to manage your expenses effectively and avoid unwarranted spend. These limits get applied when the card is used and before the spend actually happens, giving you complete control. 


Fyle's platform makes it incredibly easy to connect your existing American Express physical cards, issue virtual cards, add limits, cancel cards, or extend their validity. 

Better security

A virtual Card is a digitally generated 16-digit number that can be used for online transactions. This is different from your physical card number, which remains hidden. Since there’s no actual physical card, there’s no risk of the card getting lost, stolen, or damaged. Additionally, virtual Cards usually come with limits in terms of spend limits or validity, meaning they can’t be misused.  

Learn more about virtual cards here

How can you start issuing virtual Cards?

  1. Connect your existing physical American Express credit cards to Fyle via our direct connection: Business owners or admins can add their American Express credit cards to Fyle using their credentials, and get started. Instead of dealing with third-party connectors, tedious bank feeds, or statement uploads, these are direct connections with your credit cards. 
  1. Issue virtual Cards in minutes: Create and issue virtual Cards assigned to specific employees. You can add a card limit and define the expiration date beyond which the card will automatically get disabled. 

  1. Start receiving transaction data in real-time: Spend data reflects on Fyle within seconds of cards being swiped, giving you never-before-seen visibility. 
  1. Automate receipt collection and matching: Users can submit receipts via Text messages, Gmail, Outlook, Slack, Email forwards, Fyle’s mobile app, or more, and we will automatically match receipts to the correct transaction, simplifying reconciliation. 

Take advantage of your existing American Express credit card

American Express virtual Cards issued with Fyle are a game-changer because they are linked to your current physical credit card from American Express. At Fyle, we believe in giving our customers the choice to use whichever credit card suits them best, not forcing them to switch their card providers. With virtual Cards, you can take advantage of the American Express credit line, rewards and billing cycle to utilize cash on hand for your business until your Card payment is due. 

Get better security, real-time control, and streamlined expense management with American Express virtual Cards. From multiple ways to collect receipts to automated GL coding, credit card reconciliation, policy compliance, and direct sync with your accounting software, Fyle makes it incredibly easy to manage expenses on your existing credit cards by integrating with all Visa, Mastercard, and now, American Express credit cards! Learn more about how you can start issuing virtual Cards linked to your physical American Express cards, and get a demo of the platform now.

1Enrollment required and fees may apply

2Not all Cards are eligible to get rewards. Terms and limitations vary by Card type.

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