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How to log mileage in under a minute with Fyle?

November 12, 2019
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Do your employees still use pen and paper or spreadsheets to log mileage expenses?

Employees who use their personal vehicle for business purposes, have to report their mileage expenses. He/she has to calculate the distance traveled to track all the costs associated with a specific business trip. This can include fuel, repairs, servicing, insurance, etc. The process of mileage reporting can quickly become a burden for employees if they need to manually sit and fill out expense reports to log in their mileage expenses. 

For an enterprise having multiple mobile employees, it can become increasingly difficult for the finance team. Mileage expense reports can become difficult to process and reimburse on time. Inaccurate miles and amounts can be easily overlooked which can open doors for frauds.

In this article, we will talk about how employees can log their mileage without having to spend much time. Additionally, we look at how Fyle can seamlessly help you log your mileage expenses in under a minute! 


How can businesses track mileage using an expense report form?

How does Fyle help create a mileage log in minutes?

If using Fyle, your employees can report their mileage expenses with ease without spending too much time on it. Fyle uses integrated Google Maps API, which assists employees in reporting mileage correctly. With the help of the tracking app, finance teams can also expect accurate and error-free mileage reports. This makes the entire expense reporting process less daunting for all the stakeholders. 


Businesses can easily track mileage reporting through Fyle’s web or mobile app. 

Via the web

An employee can create a new mileage report by selecting “add mileage” from the dashboard. By simply entering the starting and ending destination, Fyle helps determine the distance between the two points. Based on the type of vehicle, the standard mileage rate is defined, as well. Once all these details are in place, Fyle finally calculates the total amount for the trip. 

Additionally, employees can also claim for a round trip by checking off the “round trip” box. On inputting the necessary details, the employee can simply go on to save or report the mileage expense.


Via the phone app

An employee is provided with the flexibility to report mileage from their smartphone, as well. By choosing to add “a new expense,” the employee can create a mileage report. Employees can enter details such as vehicle type, start, and end destination in the provided field. The distance, along with the mileage rate, is automatically calculated. Once done, the employee can simply save or submit the expense report in less than two steps!


Log multi-stop mileage with Fyle

Sometimes, employees may need to make multiple stops along the way to get work done. Addressing our customer pain points have always paved our product road map. Hence, to make logging multiple stops easy, we have enhanced our mileage feature. Now, employees can seamlessly log multi-stop mileage entries in just a few clicks. This makes the entire expense reporting process easier and less confusing.  

Via the web

To log multiple stops, an employee can go to the dashboard of the web-app and create a mileage report. After filling in details such as start and end destination, an additional stop can be added by merely tapping on the “add stop” button.

If there are more stops, the employee can add more stops by clicking on the same button. On adding all the stops, the software also calculates the total distance of the entire business trip. This adds up to give the total amount for the set mileage rate. Once done, employees can simply review the details and save or submit the mileage report.

Via the phone app

With the Fyle phone app, mileage reporting is made simpler and easier. We enable employees to create a mileage log in minutes. Employees can directly add multiple stops by tapping on the “add stop” button after filling the start and end destination. Additionally, multi-stop mileage reporting saves employees time as it provides flexibility.


Log mileage on-the-go with Fyle

For an employee who spends a significant amount of time on the road, mileage logging is a pretty big deal. The business miles traveled can be translated to dollars, either as reimbursement from employers or a tax deduction. 

Fyle provides a quick and effective solution for mileage tracking and reporting. We help automate the entire process of mileage logging and reporting. This saves the employees and finance folks from doing all the redundant work of calculating miles and costs. We also aid in eliminating concerns and worries with respect to losing or forgetting of mileage logs. 

With Fyle doing the heavy lifting, employees can submit their mileage reports with a few taps. Similarly, finance teams can directly approve expenses in a single click. This makes the entire process of expense reporting a seamless one. 

Are you interested in trying Fyle to automate and streamline your mileage tracking and expense reporting? Schedule a demo with us today!


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