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Powerful data export: Export your expense reports the way you want to

June 8, 2021
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According to a recent report by PwC, the future roles of finance teams are data-driven. However, insufficient and unreliable data will hold the finance teams from developing into an integral part of the organization that offers predictive information and data-driven support.

At Fyle, we want to give you unrestricted access to accurate and reliable data across the platform, aid your decision-making, and help your team transition into the finance team of the future.

Exporting expense reports the right way

With Fyle, we wanted all the power in your hands. You can easily export any data you see on the platform just with a few clicks. We understand the need to customize how you want data to be exported, so we built a powerful export workflow with maximum control and customizability.

For instance, you want to export expense reports that:

  1. Were reported for reimbursements.
  2. Have no policy violations.
  3. Are from the marketing and engineering departments.
  4. Were created between 01/01/2021 and 05/30/2021.
Drill down using advanced filters and extract the expense reports with Fyle's powerful data export features

This is just an example of how customizable your reports can be. By utilizing our filters, you can drill down into expense data until you find what you need. Once you find the relevant data, you can simply select it and click "Export." You can either export it as an Excel or a CSV file (which will be sent to your email), or directly send the report to an email address of your choice (make sure to first verify the email address you're sending your report to). Additionally, you can also ensure that email has good deliverability with the help of dmarc report.

Customize the way you want your expense report data to look when you export it using Fyle's powerful data export features

You can also customize your export data the way you want to. After selecting the export format, you can choose the columns that you require in the export or click on "Advanced settings" and gain access to even more customization.

Expense analytics and exporting

Use Fyle's powerful analytics features and export relevant expense management insights easily

Fyle can convert raw expense data into valuable information with the help of its powerful analytics engine. You have access to insights about your company's expenses, operations and risk analytics - all within the platform. We make it easy for you to extract that information for your purposes as well. For example, if it's time for your department budgeting, you can visit the analytics tab, select the relevant data and export it. That's how easy it is.

MIS reports

Organizations widely use MIS reports as it helps in analyzing and planning actions which can aid business decisions. Fyle has a few predefined MIS reports which give a detailed breakdown of the company's expenditure based on the criteria like:

  • Spend By Departments
  • Spend By Projects
  • Spend By Vendors
  • Spend By Categories

Generate MIS expense reports to export important data from Fyle easily

As an admin of Fyle, you can generate and export reports of the expense data of the past three months, which are documented in Fyle. Click on the export button, customize the report, and export it.

Employee data export

Export your employee's data straight from Fyle's expense management platform with a single click

Fyle is also capable of exporting employee data if you're an Admin. All you need to do is select all of your employees, click "Export," add or remove columns you prefer, and export it.

Google Data Studio support

Fyle integrates with Google Data Studio for finance teams who want to study the expense report data deeply

If you are an enterprise with multiple branches or entities, Fyle can export all your data to Google Sheets for custom analytics on Google Data Studio. This powerful integration with Google Data Studio gives you access to more complex analytical tools for better decision-making.

Accurate and reliable data for everyone

We know how accurate and efficient data is critical to Finance teams. Having the ability to access and extract them is even more critical. Fyle makes it easy for you to export any data as you see fit, customized the way you want it. Utilizing all the data available will help your organization go a long way.

If you would like to learn more, please feel free to schedule a demo with us, and our team will reach out to you at the earliest.

Effortless expense management for all business spends. Earned time, saved costs, improved productivity, happy employees - achieve it all with a single software.

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