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November 3, 2020
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First things first, we’re glad you landed here. :)

So far, we’ve only accepted guest posts from partners and thought-leaders in the ecosystem. This was mainly because it was just simpler to manage with a small team trying its best to get things done.

But we soon realized how far and wide our blogs travel, blurring all geographical boundaries, interests, and professional backgrounds. 

We narrowed down the reasons to just one thing. All businesses worldwide have one common goal in mind - increasing employee and financial productivity. And this is what our blogs focus on.

Thus, not wanting to restrict learning or contributions, we’re now opening doors to any content creator trying to find a home for his/her ideas (as long as our audience likes the same.)

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Who reads what we write?

Our target audience largely consists of:

  • CFOs and thought-leaders in the ecosystem
  • Finance professionals and  accountants
  • Project managers and contractors
  • HR Professionals 
  • SMB owners

So, we accept contributions that talk about anything and everything that matters to these personas. 

Our blogs are crafted with care. We ensure we talk about what resonates with these personas in a way that can be measured by business growth. Hence, if you think you have topics and ideas that can benefit these personas, we'd be more than happy to get in touch with you! But before we get there, let’s help you understand our audience. 

What do they like reading about?

Finance Corner: Accounting and Finance topics to help boost employee and financial productivity      

  • Tips, tools, and hacks to manage business expenses and expense management
  • Best practices to streamline financial operations and increase compliance & control
  • Pointers to improve on cost savings and boost financial and business productivity

Business Corner: Technology and SaaS related topics (NO news/product updates)

  • Opinion pieces (Topics around Fin-tech, Accounting, Finance, Business and Finance Predictions, Data Reports & Research)
  • Business productivity tools, hacks, and other relevant information to help businesses cope with COVID-19
  • Topics around financial productivity, cloud expense management, and business tax & finances

Leaders Speak: Thought leadership and opinion pieces from folks who are leaders in their niche

  • Time-sensitive business and financial predictions and trends to help businesses never lose track
  • Best practices and insider tips to effortlessly manage expense management for remote teams
  • Productivity and automation-related tools and topics to help businesses leverage digital transformation

Fyle Suggests: Tools to help SMBs and enterprises improve productivity and efficiency

  • Integrations with QBO, NetSuite, Sage Intacct
  • Project Management and Time Tracking software
  • Accounting and Finance Management software, Collaboration, File Sharing, and Communication software
  • IT Management, Development, and Security software, Customer Support, CRM, and HR management software

If you have an idea that doesn’t exactly fall under any of these categories but think it might be valuable to our target audience, by all means, let’s talk! We’re always open to fresh, innovative, and unique ideas!

Note: We hold the discretion to accept or reject content if it seems to compete with our in-house blogs. But, don’t lose hope, we’ll work something out! :) 

What kind of content do we publish?

  • “How-to” articles
  • Detailed guides
  • Infographics
  • Opinion articles
  • Thought leadership

(Psst...Just a heads up - We LOVE infographics!) 

Handy checklist before you pitch to us:

  • Original content only: We’re only interested in your ideas, not someone else’s. Submit ideas/content you yourself have written and not pitched or published elsewhere.
  • No plagiarised content: Just emphasizing on this point again; original ideas and content only. We want to provide the best resources to our readers. 
  • No self-promotion: As a content creator, you probably already know this: People like talking to other people. Not products, bots, and brands. Keep it conversational.
  • No spammy links: Link only to authoritative/credible websites to back your claims. Ensure the links provide value to the reader.
  • Avoid repetition: Spend some time exploring our blog to avoid pitching topics we’ve already covered. We want to house your ideas, make sure they’re unique. :)

Now, to the technical part:

  • We allow 1 do-follow, contextual in-content link back to your website.
  • Link to your LinkedIn and Twitter handles in the author’s bio.
  • We will share your blog post on our Social Media handles.
  • Ensure your link does not compete with our existing content.
  • Ensure you’re not quoting/linking to any of our competitors.
  • Add images, videos, or infographics to the article to make it engaging.
  • Give credit where it’s due, cite references with links.
  • Check for plagiarism before submitting; we will do it too.
  • Do not republish the article anywhere else even after it’s live on our blog.
  • We may edit/omit content to ensure it matches our writing style at our discretion.

Note: Fyle does not charge any fees for guest posts. We accept entries strictly based on quality and relevance.

We’re all set, say hello!

Reach out to us on editorial[at], and one of these friendly faces from the Content team will get in touch with you:


You can expect a response within 1 week of submission.

Make sure to include the following in your email:

  • 2-3 title options.
  • A brief description/outline of your article.
  • Why you think your article is relevant to our readers.

If your article is approved, we will guide you through the process of writing, formatting, and editing for the Fyle Blog.

We look forward to talking with you!

Team Content Marketing,


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