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Top 6 personal finance apps in 2020

November 23, 2020
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Keeping track of personal expenses can be challenging. After all, unlike at work, there are no policies governing or guiding spending. In the rush of existing bills and new purchases, savings and investments often take a backseat. This can be detrimental to your long term financial goals.

This blog features reviews for popular personal finance apps, including:

  • Mint
  • Spendee
  • Goodbudget
  • Wally
  • PocketGuard
  • Money Lover

And more..

Personal expense tracking apps or wealth management apps can help you stay in line with your long-term financial goals. A mobile-friendly expense tracker acts like your personal accountant, constantly keeping track of your financial health and presenting it to you in an easily understandable manner.

Common features of personal finance apps include:

  • Easy expense tracking options
  • Reminders about upcoming bills
  • Direct bill payment options
  • Split and share expenses
  • Tracking investments
  • Advice on investments
  • Tracking credit score

With a holistic approach and full visibility to personal financial health, personal expense tracking apps enable you to make rules, predictions, and data-driven decisions to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Best personal finance apps in 2020 [UPDATED]

We’ve curated a list of the best personal expense tracking apps in 2020 after scraping the internet, evaluating apps and reading through tens of software review pages.

Pick the app that suits your needs best!


Intuit’s Mint is a top-rated personal finance app that provides individuals with complete insight into their financial health. Mint helps you keep track of your 360-degree financial health with data analytics that are easy to understand .

Pricing: Free

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Link your debit and credit cards to Mint
  • Add recurring bills and subscriptions

What Mint does:

  • Pulls transaction feeds from your debit and credit card accounts to get all your money to one screen
  • Assigns spend categories to your expenses to show you exactly how much you are spending and where
  • Auto-updates your spends and assigns relevant spend categories
  • Reminds you about upcoming bill payments for utilities, subscriptions, etc
  • Helps you create and stick to budgets by enabling data visualization of your spending habits in real-time
  • Gives a breakdown of factors contributing to your credit score

This is how Mint’s “Overview” allows you to understand where you stand with your financial goals.

personal finance app intuit mint

This is what a popular tech reviewer, Kathy Yakal from PCMag had to say about Mint: 

“The best web-based personal finance app keeps getting better!”

With a clean and easy to understand UI, Mint flaunts a 4.5 rating on Google PlayStore and 4.7 on Apple App Store


Spendee allows you to create shared wallets where you can add your friends and family. This helps you keep an accurate record of shared or household expenses.

Pricing: Paid

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Link your debit and credit cards to Spendee
  • Update bills, subscriptions, and expenses as they occur
  • Split shared expenses and cash payments 

What Spendee does:

  • Gets transactions from your bank portal and categorizes expenses
  • Allows you to create budgets and track spends for each spending category 
  • Reminds you of due dates for bills to ensure timely payments
  • Allows you to create separate categories for specific events

If you often incur shared expenses, this personal finance app can help you avoid overheads and stick to planned budgets. Spendee is best liked for its elegant UI. 

personal finance software Spendee

A reviewer on Producthunt describes Spendee’s UI as 

“Intuitive, nice looking, complete.”

We agree! It’s a delight for both Android and iOS users!


Goodbudget uses the envelope-budgeting model to help you create budgets for both your immediate bill payments, expenses and long-term financial goals. If investments aren’t a part of why you’re looking for a personal finance software, Goodbudget can be a great fit for you.

Pricing: Free and Paid

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Create different expense categories, known as envelopes
  • Distribute your monthly income into different categories

What Goodbudget does:

  • Keeps track of assigned budgets and spending in each expense category
  • Allows multiple devices to access the same account
  • Helps pay off debts or save for future expenses
“Goodbudget is a simple, effective solution for individual and household budgeters who want more control over their cash flows.” - PCWorld
personal finance software Goodbudget

Goodbudget is the best for household expense tracking and budgeting purposes. Further, if you’re new to budgeting, they have great starter courses to help you understand the right way to approach budgeting.

They have a 4.5 star review on Google PlayStore and 4.7 on the Apple App Store

We really liked Goodbudget because they readily take the initiative to help users leverage their technology better.  That’s something we at Fyle have in common with them. Also, the singular objective of helping you Never Lose Track of expenses!. :)


Wally is a personal finance tracking app that syncs with your bank accounts, helps you track spending, and keeps budgets in check. If you’re an iOS user looking for a solution that lets you track expenses, store receipts, and manage budgets for specific purposes, Wally is your friend.

Pricing: Free and Paid

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Sync your debit and credit accounts with Wally
  • Add custom budget categories for specific goals
  • Track expenses with receipts and other important documents in Wally

What Wally does:

  • Pulls transactions from your bank accounts and segregates expenses into categories
  • Gives you an insight into your cash flow patterns and spending habits
  • Reminds you of upcoming bills and transactions to help plan better
  • Saves expense receipts, warranties, and any other documents along with expenses 
  • Allows you to create shared groups to manage day-to-day shared expense

Wally is a well-rounded solution for managing personal finances with an intuitive UI that ensures a seamless experience

personal finance software Wally
“Even in its basic guise, Wally comes with the options of managing accounts, joint and individual, automatic syncing, budget sharing and boasts lots of reminders, lists, note-taking and comments tools” - TechRadar

Wally is loved among iOS users with a 4.0 rating on App Store.


PocketGuard is a simple, straightforward app with one primary function - to tell you how much disposable income you have for a day, week, or month. If your goal is to monitor spend closely, PocketGuard is a good app for you. 

Pricing: Free and Paid

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Sync your debit, credit, investments, and loan accounts 
  • Update transactions under relevant categories regularly

What PocketGuard does:

  • Analyzes your income, expenditure, bills, and saving contributions to calculate disposable income
  • Provides insight into category-wise spending such as groceries, rent, transportation, etc. 
  • Suggests where you can cut costs to save more
  • Crunches numbers to help you achieve your long term saving goals. 

PocketGuard’s dashboard also gives you an instant and no-nonsense insight into your finances.

personal finance software Pocket Guard

In other words,

“It’s designed to convert you from a debtor to a saver in the shortest time possible.” - Doughroller

It delivers a seamless experience on both it’s Android and iOS apps.

Money Lover

Money Lover is a clean and easy to use personal finance management app that helps you tailor budgets based on your spending habits. 

Pricing: Free and Paid

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Update bills, subscriptions, and expenses as they occur

What Money Lover does:

  • Helps you track expenses with supporting receipts using OCR technology
  • Categorizes all your expenses into different expense categories
  • Tracks debt, loans, and payment progress in one place
  • Reminds you of upcoming bills and transactions 
  • Tracks trip expenses with accurate currency exchange rates

Money Lover is great for tracking day-to-day expenses, planning long term savings goals, and controlling spend according to budget.

personal finance software Money Lover
“Using the Money Lover app is actually a very simple experience, though the other features such as having renewing budgets and travel mode come with a small learning curve to fully utilize it.” - CompanyHero

It is available for Android, iOS, and Windows users.

Some worthy mentions

  • Personal Capital - for financial planning and wealth management
  • Prism - for bill payments and expense tracking
  • Money strands - for personal finance and expense tracking 
  • Keepertax - for helping with tax write offs, best for freelancers and contractors

If you know personal finance apps that are truly awesome but aren’t on this list, be sure to leave us a tip!

Why should you use a personal finance app?

 A personal finance app helps you plan and manage personal finances. It also enables you to achieve your long term financial goals. A personal finance app typically comes with an option to sync your bank accounts, loan accounts, and even investment accounts. 

It brings all your income sources, expenses, loans/debts, and saving goals to one place so you can cut costs where necessary. It also helps businesses  stick to allocated budgets. A personal finance app also reminds you about bill payments, upcoming expenses, subscriptions, and even auto-bill payments.

Most personal finance apps offer a basic free plan. So, you can start with any app that fits your needs and upgrade whenever you want.

If you’re also looking for an expense management software for business, you’ve still come to the right place! We recommend Fyle, not just because we built it but because Fyle is the smartest expense management software out there. It is an expense management software that automates every step of business expense tracking, expense reporting, and expense reimbursement.

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