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Receipt Scanner App Features for Business Expenses

June 6, 2019
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Let’s accept it - paper receipts have done more harm than good to business expenses. It’s 2019, and yet they require your attention. To make matters worse, business expenses are not something any employer or employee can afford to ignore.

For employers, here’s why receipt scanner apps are necessary:

  • Avoid manual reminders to collect receipts
  • Eliminate manual sorting and storage of paper receipts
  • Save time that gets spent converting all paper receipts into digital assets
  • Rely on manual duplicate detection
  • Loss of the finance team’s productivity due to non-automation of mundane tasks

For employees, the frustration goes way beyond. Below are the reasons why employees should use a receipt scanner app:

  • Eradicate the constant worry of saving paper receipts
  • Evade losing money due to lost receipts
  • Spend productive hours manually submitting every receipt
  • Keep up with receipt submission deadlines that hamper productivity

When it comes to receipt management, every organization has its own set of challenges. Hence, it is imperative to understand them and find a solution that collectively suits the organization-wide needs. This can prove extremely helpful for the finance team, employer, and employees.

Features of an ideal receipt scanner app for business expenses

Business receipts pose different challenges for different organizations. However, these obstacles shouldn't affect your financial productivity. To help address these challenges, there are many effective solutions every organization can benefit from, regardless of their size, struggles, budgets, etc.

Below are the evident benefits of a receipt scanning app:

  • Enhanced employee experience
  • Truncated expense frauds
  • Improved financial productivity
  • Better administration for accounting

Below are the features of the best receipt scanner apps for any organization:

  • Advanced technology for perfect data extraction
  • Room for customization of expense fields
  • Integrated with an organization’s expense reporting mechanism
  • Duplicate detection to eliminate expense frauds
  • Unlimited digital and cloud storage
  • Unlimited receipt scanning
  • Mobile apps that are compatible with any operating system/devices


Paperless reimbursements - Does your software make receipts truly digital?

Receipt scanning with Fyle’s mobile app

At Fyle, we understand what it entails to be the go-to receipt scanner app to help with your business expenses. Hence, we created the best receipt scanner app for iPhone and Android devices.

Here’s how you can turn receipt scanning into a breeze with Fyle.


Never let your employees worry about losing paper receipts ever again.

Instafyle - receipt scanning feature - Fyle

InstaFyle (in bulk)

Why scan receipts one by one when it can be taken care of in a single go?

Instafyle - multiple receipt scanning app feature - Fyle

Custom Expense Fields

Receipt scanning with Fyle doesn’t just end here. Fyle’s Custom Expense Fields ensures that data that matters to you always gets extracted. Now, you can custom create form fields that you want to capture from every receipt and leave the rest to Fyle!

Custom expense fields - receipt scanning app feature - Fyle

Duplicate detection

You will never have to worry about detecting duplicate paper receipts manually again. Fyle takes care of it all.

Duplicate expense receipt detection - receipt scanning app feature - Fyle

There’s more!

You can avail unlimited secure cloud storage and scanning with Fyle. Now, all your bills will always be handy when you need them.

What’s next?

Fyle isn’t just a mere receipt scanning app. Our apps take care of a lot more.

Effortless expense management for all business spends. Earned time, saved costs, improved productivity, happy employees - achieve it all with a single software.

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