• Corporate Credit Cards – Best Practices

    Expense reporting is here to stay, there is no escaping that. With an ever-growing scenario of corporate credit cards, it is rather necessary that you use an expense reporting software that can help you manage them better. Here are some of the best practices you must keep in mind while using corporate credit cards in your organization.

  • draft expense reports

    Draft expense reports for people always on the move

    “What I need is a way to keep adding expenses to a report which I want to submit at the end of a business trip. I don’t want to create expenses and later waste time fitting each expense to the right report.”~ Kevin Who is Kevin? Kevin is one of our German users, who travels for business more than ten days in a month. He often has multiple meetings for different projects on a single trip. The expenses incurred by him in a single day often spread across projects. Kevin’s pains Kevin prefers to stay organized and reports expenses for various projects separately. Up until now, Kevin would wait till…

  • Reconcile Expenses on Corporate Cards With Fyle

    The past two decades have seen a dramatic surge in the adoption of corporate card programs by businesses of all sizes. These programs mandate processes and infrastructure to control and monitor T&E spends and to ensure every expense is reconciled in compliance with government guidelines.

  • How to Deal with Repeat Expense Policy Violators?

    Are you an accountant or admin who sieves through multiple receipts and reports to validate and approve reimbursements? Expense management is often ignored, thereby, unnecessarily burdening finance teams. Accounting and finance folks often have to take the uncomfortable step of talking to employees who do not submit their expenses or expense reports on time, or ever at all. Or worse, employees who consistently violate policies – like Alice from sales who submits her receipts and expense reports only once a quarter. What’s worse? Her reports are often receipts of varying shapes and sizes, incomplete reports, spending claims that exceed set limits, and the list goes on. This probably happens after…

  • Automated Expense Reporting | Fyle

    Expense Reporting Directly From Your Email Inbox

    Are you an admin or an employee spending way too much on fyling and approving business expense claims? Business expenses are on a rise and the effort needed to manage them correspondingly is on a rise, as well. We are so engrossed in tracking down the hard numbers, that we often overlook the time spent in tracking them.

  • Expense Management Solutions | Fyle

    Expense Management Solutions – Best Practices

    If you are using an expense management automation solution, then you must be well aware of the benefits it brings with it. The reliable, automated system allows employees and managers to free up their schedules that would have otherwise been filled with manual work. Manual work in the form of creating expense reports, shuffling for the expenses incurred that month and more.