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August 10, 2017
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Non-profit organizations are all about doing good and bringing about radical changes. They are focused on fundraising, community service, and volunteering. The key focus is always to make a difference in society.However, they can only achieve this by making sure everything else within the organization is the status quo. One area that is often neglected is expense management. Unlike their counterparts, they do not work for profits, but they do still incur expenses.Expense management is just as important in an NGO as it is in any other company.People are likely to spend a lot more money spent on a humanitarian cause. It is vital to keep track of these expenses to make sure employees are returned the money they paid for business purposes.  Expense reports take days to and submit. Even though not voiced out often, your staff are probably unhappy about slow reimbursements. Non-profits need an efficient expense management solution that outlines how staff or volunteers receive funds to make purchases on behalf of the organization.Moreover, while trying to reduce the reimbursement time, expense tracking tools provide a lot more to a non-profit.

Here's what an automated expense management software can do for your NGO

No wastage of resources

Transparency is critical in a charitable organization. NGOs are established with funds from various people and companies, and it is necessary to ensure these funds are being used in the right place and for the right reasons. Hence, having a policy in place and making sure expenses are recorded according to those guidelines is of utmost importance.An expense management tool comes with automated policy violation checks to avoid wastage of resources. Organizations can set limits on expenses, and volunteer and workers are immediately notified about compliance issues. Synchronous policy checks act as the gatekeeper to ensure there is no fraud and that non-compliance does not cost these organizations their ‘non-profit’ title.

Travel made easy with per diem

Many NGO workers and volunteers tend to travel to assist communities and other social groups. Per diems help them claim reimbursements in one easy step instead of having to file every expense on a daily basis. Organizations must be sure to inform their workers about per diem guidelines and what they will and will not cover.Fyle’s per diem feature on the mobile app allows users to record per diem in real time and not have to worry about receipts storage. With multi-currency, the app will automatically detect the exchange rate and convert the expense amount to the default currency. Users never have to calculate conversions or worry about any errors manually.

Easy access for non-employees

NGOs often have people volunteering for a short period. In that time they may also incur costs and need to be reimbursed. Manual expense reporting is a pain point in cases like these as volunteers require training on how to make expense reports and need to have knowledge of the company policies.Besides that, they are also expected to keep track of expenses manually. Surely, they didn’t think they were signing up for this. An automated solution permits new users to start reporting expenses with just a few steps. All they need to do is make an account which demands an email ID and a password.Fyle's user friendly smartphone app promotes flexibility, mobility and makes no use of paper!

Better categorization and visibility

Expenses can be categorized under labels like food, travel and more. They can even have custom labels according to what the organization is likely to spend on. These reports along with the breakdown can be viewed by approvers at any time. This provides transparency across the organization.Expense analytics gives NGOs better visibility into travel and operating spends. The expense data collected by the solution helps in making expense analytical reports. NGOs can also get better visibility into worker expenses. They can gain statistics and trends on project-wise expenses to understand how successful they were with the project versus how they spent on it. Further giving them the opportunity to make changes to worker budgets and allocation of costs.

Should NGOs have an expense management system?

It is crucial for non-profit organizations to make sure that the lion's share of their funds is going into areas that need it the most. Travel and expense management tools can help keep fraud at bay and avoid unnecessary expenses. The availability of the automated solution at all times and even in remotest of areas, thanks to the offline feature, helps NGOs and their employees' file expenses on the go. Expense reports are generated in one-click, and with a seamless accounting integration.NGOs can transfer expense data from their expense management system to their accounting setup. By making expense tracking and expense reports easier, nonprofits can maximize their resources and solve more challenges for the communities they serve.

We at Fyle understand that running an NGO is not easy. Teach For India uses Fyle and has made tremendous progress in slashing their reimbursement cycle from 18 days to just 6 days. Thanks to the automatic reminders and the use of the Gmail plug-in, the NGO is able to make expense tracking easier for their staff. With employees continually traveling to meet people, interact with communities and help solve social issues, expense reports may seem pale in comparison. Hence, we aim to make expense tracking easier for not only individuals and corporations but also for non-profit organizations.

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