How Laguna Tools cut its reimbursement TAT by 70% by automating the process


California, USA


50-200 employees


Woodworking Machinery

CNC Machinery

Challenges at Laguna Tools

  • The finance team at Laguna Tools wanted a platform that automated their entirely spreadsheet based expense management process.
  • Expenses took months to get reimbursed and the team had to put in hours of their productive time to reconcile their multiple credit cards manually.
  • Since everything was manual, the team found it difficult to keep track of all the expenses and there was no visibility over credit card spends.
  • Employees found it difficult saving receipts to attach with the spreadsheets.
  • The receipts were often damaged or misplaced which made it harder for both the finance team and the employees during expense tracking.
  • There was also a risk of human error during the process that could be avoided with an automated system in place.
  • They wanted to transition from using spreadsheets to track and report expenses to a platform that did it all and more for them.

At Laguna Tools, we sell solutions. And that’s exactly why Fyle stood out to us. Fyle solved a complex problem of expense management with the most simplest and innovative solution.

Brian Rosenberger


Why Laguna Tools chose Fyle?

The foundation of Laguna Tools is to create quality and innovative solutions for its customers’ simple to complex needs. The company wanted a solution to their expense management needs that resonated with their goal.

The finance team spend hours on spreadsheets and manually reconciling corporate card expenses. They often found it difficult keeping track of all the expenses and receipts employees were submitting.

With Fyle’s simple and innovative features, Laguna Tools was able to easily transition from a totally manual system and reduce their reimbursement turnaround time by almost 70%.

How Fyle helped Laguna Tools


Expenses reconciled

104 → 30 days

Reimbursement TAT


Expense reports created

Key features used:


Easy expense tracking


Corporate card reconciliation


Netsuite integration


Mileage tracking



I used to spend up to 40 hours every month just doing expense reports. Fyle makes it look easy.

Joel Gonzalez, Accounts Manager at Laguna Tools


Instafyle Receipts

With Instafyle, employees easily scan the receipt quickly from the Fyle mobile app and create expenses accurately and on-the-go. No more damaged or forgotten receipts!

Corporate Card Reconciliations

Corporate Card Reconciliations

Instead of spending hours reconciling cards manually, with Fyle, the finance folks are now able to reconcile the card spends automatically with no errors and gain complete control and visibility.

Learn more about corporate card reconciliations

Netsuite integration

With Fyle’s seamless integration with Netsuite, the team was able to eliminate manual entry into Netsuite, reduce any errors and improve efficiency.

Learn more about integrations
Netsuite integration

Easy Expense Tracking

With Fyle, employees had more than one way of tracking their expenses. This enabled them to submit their expenses on time and without any extra effort.

Learn more about expense tracking

Accurate Mileage Tracking

Since Fyle’s mileage tracking is powered by Google Maps, employees could easily track mileage accurately and could submit it right from the Fyle app and the finance team could configure mileage according to vehicle type.

Accurate Mileage Tracking

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