Structure Properties reconciled expenses in 7 days with Fyle


San Francisco, USA


10-50 employees


Property Management

Construction Management

Leasing Services

Challenges at Structure Properties

For Finance:

  • Company followed completely manual and Excel based reconciliation methods which were cumbersome and time consuming.
  • Multiple property managers would create expenses for Different properties on the corporate card. The finance team had to follow up with each of them to understand the spend and its purpose.
  • Finance team had to dedicate hours just to match expenses of a single card and separate personal spends from company spends.
  • The process of moving credit card data to their accounting system took more than a month.

For employees:

  • The property managers often could not remember the purpose of the spend and would be unable to classify them.
  • Constant follow-ups by the finance team affected productivity.

The other solutions forced us to change our processes instead of automating it. We wanted something flexible and Fyle was just that.

David Mehan


Why Structure Properties chose Fyle?

The goal was to transition from a totally manual and traditional expense management process to a modern and automated system.

The finance team spent productive hours chasing employees to fill in the missing gaps like purpose of the spend. They also manually reconciled all the corporate card expenses.

With Fyle, David believed the current expense management challenges could be tackled with ease for both, the finance team and on-ground employees. This would lead to immediate positive impact on the cash flow.

How Fyle helped Structure Properties


Expenses reconciled

20 → 8 days

Fyle to report

45 → 7 days

Reimbursement cycle

Key features used:


Mobile app


Project based tracking


Corporate card reconciliation


Expense tracking through Gmail

It used to take us hours to match corporate card expenses with their receipts. But now, Fyle has helped us cut it down to just 20 minutes!

Corie Phillips, Accounting Manager at Structure Properties


Powerful Mobile App

The Fyle mobile app is an easy to use all-in-one solution to their expense tracking needs. They upload receipts using Instafyle, create or match card expenses and submit reports on the go.

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Corporate Card Reconciliations

Corporate Card Reconciliations

Their credit card expenses were automatically reconciled with Fyle. Their employees simply uploaded receipts and Fyle would auto-match them to the appropriate expense and card transaction.

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Project Based Tracking

The finance team mapped project/property based expenses. The real-time visibility helped predict cost estimates and keep track of the project/property spends.

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Project Based Tracking

Track Expenses from Gmail

Employees easily submit expenses and attach receipts directly from the Gmail mobile app and the browser - all with a single click.


Time to drop manual expense management
for good.

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